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Vaporesso Luxe Q vs. Luxe 80

Vaproesso Luxe Q vs Luxe 80 Review

Vaporesso has established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers of vaping devices in the past few years. From pod vapes to serious box mods, they’ve proven to be an innovator and a force to be reckoned with in the vaping world. Superior build quality and reliable performance across models has solidified this reputation. One of their flagship product series is the Luxe line. Two of the newest devices in this line are the Luxe Q and the Luxe 80. How do they compare? And which vape device is right for you? Let’s dive in… 

Construction / Appearance

The first thing you’ll notice about the Luxe Q and Luxe 80 when looking at them side-by-side is their difference in size. The Luxe Q is a highly compact pod mod, designed for portability. The Luxe 80 is bulkier and boxier, though not as chunky as a large box mod. The Luxe Q features a nested Q 0.8Ω mesh pod to hold the e-liquid whereas the Luxe 80 features a larger, exposed GTX Pod 26. The Luxe Q pod holds 2 mL of vape juice whereas the Luxe 80 outclasses it with a whopping 5 mL vape juice capacity.

As far as construction, both vape devices are sturdy and feature a zinc-alloy chassis. The Luxe 80, however, sports an Anti-Sweat & Anti-Smudge single-sized leather texture covering the chassis. Both vapes come in a variety of attractive, albeit quite different colorways, so it’s going to be up to personal preference which device appeals to you more. To sum up, the Luxe Q is a compact pod device through and through, whereas the Luxe 80 is a mid-sized pod/box-mod hybrid and the devices’ dimensions and weights reflect that accordingly.  

Power / Operation

Let’s talk about battery specs. The Luxe Q features an in-built 1000 mAH rechargeable battery whereas the Luxe 80 features a more robust 18650 battery. The Luxe Q has a fixed wattage output of 25 watts. The Luxe 80 offers a variable wattage up to 80 watts. 

The Luxe 80 may be more powerful, but the Luxe Q edges it out in terms of ease-of-use. This is because the Q has an exceedingly intuitive draw-activated firing mechanism. On the other hand, the Luxe 80 has several buttons to activate the firing mechanism as well as regulate temperature settings, etc. Both devices feature adjustable airflow which is key for users to control the pace of their sessions. Both devices also feature convenient top filling mechanisms on their pods, which is greatly appreciated as this system avoids spillages and leaks. 

Vapor Production / Experience

The Luxe Q is designed for vaping on the go. Its lower wattage output and smaller pod capacity make it more suitable for MTL vaping and smaller cloud production. Because of this setup, it performs better with 50% PG  / 50% VG e-liquid ratios. It is also well-suited to nic salts for fans of higher nicotine content vaping. 

The Luxe 80, on the other hand, is geared toward DTL sub ohm vaping. Fans of puffy voluminous clouds will be in their element here, especially given the generous 5 mL tank capacity. Accordingly, MAX VG e-liquids perform well here.


The Vaporesso Luxe Q and Luxe 80 are two very different siblings in the same family. They are both extremely well-crafted devices that are meant to perform reliably and stand the test of time, but they are squarely aimed at different demographics within the vaping community. If you’re looking for a stylish, easy-to-use pod vape to take with you everywhere, the Luxe Q is the ticket. If you’re a more advanced vaper looking for a pod/box-mod hybrid that packs in some serious cloud chasing features into a mid-sized package, the Luxe 80 is the choice for you. You can’t really go wrong with either, it all comes down to what kind of experience you’re seeking!

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