Vaping Hits the Mainstream on UK’s Love Island

Vaping Hits the Mainstream on UK’s Love Island - DIRECTVAPOR

If you’ve been catching the latest on-goings during the UK’s hit reality show, Love Island, let’s be clear: those are not plumes of cigarette smoke you see wafting by… nope, that, my friends, is vapor!

Gone are the days of fashionably dangerous displays of cigarettes on TV. Now, with the age of vaping, it is way cooler to be smoke-free and popular culture and the media have taken notice. The latest instance of vaping being repped on TV is Love Island, a UK-based reality dating show that features – you guessed it – dramatic romantic pairings in paradise. However, what makes the scenarios so darn charming (in our opinions at least), is the use of vaping by cast members.

On the show, instead of cigarettes, contestants are sporting e-cigarettes, in a move that solidifies the notion that if you’re going to smoke, you should opt for vapor instead. In a previous season, tabloids posted heavily negative press on the cast for their nonstop cigarette smoking, and considering how pro-vapor the UK is in general, it was a given that this kind of public representation with tobacco wouldn’t be lasting long. So for the current season now being aired, the preferred accessory among castmates are e-cigs, fueled by tobacco-free e-liquid.

Our take on this move, as we are a part of the vape industry, is that it is a really responsible, really bold move to acknowledge and participate with in terms of the normalizing of vaping. The vapor products industry, and the worldwide vaping movement only continues to grow and gain a firmer stance, and we are so pleased to see so many smokers moving beyond the notion that tobacco smoke is their only option.

So far, the reception of vaping on Love Island has been nothing but positive, as viewers highly appreciate the message being delivered promoting harm reduction, as opposed to glamorizing tobacco use. As the cast is comprised of young twenty-somethings, this offers the show a very health-conscious, youth-conscious framework to send a great message we – and we love it.

Big up for conscious, responsible vape representation!

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