Vaping in Public: Do You Do It?

vaping in public

Vaping in public, depending on where you live, can be a touchy subject. Some vapers are loud ‘n proud about casting off the biggest clouds they can in public to make a display, and others are more on the discreet side, whether or not they have to be. In some places, public vaping is frowned upon, and in some places it is even illegal. In any case, one side of being a vaper that should never go overlooked are your manners. Specifically your vape etiquette.

While many aspects of vape etiquette are often common sense, it really does pay to go the extra mile and keep your habit in check if you’re going to be enjoying your clouds in public. So here are some tips from the vape pros about ensuring you’re always a considerate vaper.

  • Be courteous to those around you; ask if you are not sure if they’d be cool with you vaping.
  • Know how to talk about vaping confidently; if you vape in public, chances are, curious people are going to inquire. Be a positive, informative example!
  • If someone asks you to stop vaping near them, don’t argue, just stop. It’s the non-douchey way to react.
  • Don’t vape near kids. Out of respect for them, and in respect of their parents, just avoid it altogether.
  • Don’t blatantly break rules. If you can get away with some clever stealth vaping without attracting unwanted attention, who are we to tell you what to do? In other cases, when it is clearly off limits to vape, don’t do it. In airports, on airplanes, in hospitals, and in public transportation, consider those around you and be respectful.

Vaping in public comes with its share fair of responsibility on those who partake, and we see it as the social responsibility of all vapers to promote a positive image of vaping when out and about. As so many different opinions and misconceptions exist out there, being an active, positive representative of the vape community can have a long lasting effect, and can even help to counter the myths that exist. So simply, when in public, maintain your manners, be courteous, and rep that #vapelife with your etiquette in mind.


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