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Vape Maintenance and Proper Care for your Devices

Even though vaping itself is pretty simple, there are certain things you have to do if you want to make the most of your vape experience. Luckily, taking these steps doesn’t require much work, and the payoff is more than worth it.

A basic understanding of vape maintenance is a must if you want to enjoy the best possible flavor, vapor production, and performance (and who doesn’t?). Plus, properly caring for your vape will extend its lifespan and save you some serious cash in the long run.

In this guide to vape maintenance, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about how to take care of a vape device, including:

  • Specific instructions for how to maintain a vape mod, pen, and other device styles
  • Essentials for proper storage of your vape device and supplies
  • Handy tips and innovative products to make vape maintenance easy

Vape Device Maintenance: A How-To Guide

No matter what type of vape device you choose, you can expect to tackle basic cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep your equipment in good working order. 

The basics of vape mod and vape pen maintenance

Before we dive into vape cleaning routines, let’s cover some must-know essentials:

  • Handle your vape with care: Whether you’re working with an ultra-basic vape pen or an advanced mod packed with features, one of the most important things is to avoid dropping your vape. Like any piece of electronic equipment, vapes have delicate internal components that have the possibility of being damaged in a drop or fall. A drop can jeopardize the integrity of a vape’s internal connections, and you can also break its buttons, magnets, or hinged doors. Plus, the impact can render a vape more susceptible to water, dust, and other substances that can cause problems.
  • Wipe up spills, splashes, and drips immediately: It’s not unusual to get a few drops of e-liquid on your device during a refill, especially if you’re pretty new to vaping. But instead of ignoring the mess – and leaving it to harden into a difficult-to-remove sludge – just do a quick wipe-down right away. A damp paper towel can work wonders on a grimy vape, making it look and feel as good as new. 
  • Aim to always have replacement parts on hand: Certain vape components, like the coils, need to be replaced on a consistent basis. Few things are more frustrating than looking forward to a great vape session, realizing your coils are done for, and then coming up empty-handed when you search your supply stock for new ones. Some vapers avoid this by adding replacement coils to their online cart every time they shop for e-juice. Or, you can go one step further and set up an AutoShip subscription, and we’ll send you coils according to whatever frequency you choose – it doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • Make charging a habit: Vapes are battery-powered devices, but they’re rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about constantly buying new batteries. A vape starter kit or a new device generally includes a compatible charger. If needed, you can also buy a new or upgraded vape battery charger (or USB micro charging cord) and car chargers, and other handy add-ons.

Cleaning your vape tank

The tank, or e-juice reservoir, is one of the hardest-working parts of a vape device. It’s responsible for holding your e-juice, but it’s also where the e-liquid is heated until it turns into the voluminous vapor you know and love. Tanks can quickly accumulate e-juice residue, which gunks up the coils and impacts flavor quality. Unless you want your next vape to taste like an unpleasant mix of every e-juice flavor you’ve ever tried, you need to learn how to clean a vape tank.

A good rule of thumb is to clean the tank every two weeks or every time you switch to a new e-juice flavor. For tank cleaning, all you’ll need is some warm water, a few drops of dish soap, and a clean towel (though you can do a deep clean with a few additional items).

We have a guide that walks you through all the steps to clean a vape tank right here, so bookmark that for a helpful reference. 

Replacing vape coils

Powered by the vape battery, the coils are what heats up the e-liquid until it reaches the point of vaporization. Over time, coils wear down and need to require replacement – there’s no way around it.

The good news is that replacement coils are pretty affordable. Flavor, cloud production, and the long-term health of your vape depend on properly-functioning coils, so this is a budget-friendly investment in maintenance you definitely won’t regret.

How often to replace vape coils depends on the frequency with which you vape and a few other factors. It is probably time for a new coil if you notice a burnt taste, decreased vapor production, and other issues.

Taking Care of a Vape Device: FAQs

The more you know about how to care for your vape, the easier it will be to set up a routine that works for you. Here are some answers to commonly-asked questions about vape pen and vape mod maintenance.

How often do you need to clean a vape device?

How often to clean a vape and the frequency of essential maintenance and part replacement mainly depends on your vape style.

For example, you’ll need to clean your device more often (and replace certain parts) if you:

  • Vape frequently
  • Enjoy long vape sessions
  • Prefer vaping at high temperatures

Why do you need to clean a vape device?

So, what happens if you don’t clean a vape and maintain its components? We can guarantee that you’ll eventually see a major downgrade in the overall quality of your vape experience.

Some of the effects of skipping out on a solid cleaning and maintenance routine include:

  • Low-quality or unpleasant flavors
  • Problems with leaking and other vape malfunctions
  • A messy, more frustrating vape session
  • Vape equipment that taps out long before it should
  • Low vapor production 

What are the best vape coils (replacement glass options, tools, etc.) for me?

When you’re shopping for replacement coils or any other vape part/accessory, you want to make sure you’re choosing compatible components with your device. Usually, each vape brand designs specific parts for use with their devices. There can even be variations in which parts are compatible for different devices made by the same brand.

One of our best tips is to think about the vape experience you want to have. There are many ways to customize your device and vape sessions and many product options to explore. If you aren’t sure if a particular product is right for you, you can always reach out to the DIRECTVAPOR team for help!

Trust DIRECTVAPOR for All Your Vape Needs

Now, you’re armed with the knowledge and tips you need to keep your vape performing as it should. And if you realize that you need to stock up on some vape maintenance basics, you’ve come to the right place – DIRECTVAPOR has a great selection of high-quality options from the best brands in the business. 

You can shop for everything from inexpensive replacement coils to premium-grade vape mods here. Whether you’re a cloud chaser, a connoisseur of e-juice flavors, a DIY vape builder, or a brand-new beginner, DIRECTVAPOR has you covered. And best of all, you can be completely confident that you’re investing in authentic, high-quality parts and scoring awesome deals simultaneously.

Check out our full selection of vape products and explore our library of vaper resources to elevate your vape experience!

Photo Credit: Yanopulo

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