Everything You Need To Set Up the Ultimate Big Game Viewing Party Complete with Indoor Vape Bar


Getting ready for the big game? While everyone else is out buying pizza and wings, you could be setting up your very own indoor vape bar to entertain your guests!

Stock Up on Fun Flavors

The first thing you need to pull off a masterful performance is a selection of popular e-liquid flavors. Friends and family who have never vaped will delight in discovering the unreal accuracy with which some of these e-juices recreate their favorite desserts, fruits and other dishes. We recommend buying a few extra small unicorn bottles so your guests can mix and match flavors and carry their liquid with them while they’re watching the game.

Also consider getting a variety of zero-nicotine e-liquids for those who don’t normally smoke or vape but want to participate. This will allow them to enjoy the fun without worrying about the negative effects of nicotine. Fortunately, almost all flavors are available in a zero-nicotine option so you won’t have to worry about a limited selection.

Pull Out All The Stops

In order to successfully manage a vape party, you will need to have a selection of vaporizers available to your guests. If they have their own, that’s great, too. However, to be inclusive, make sure you have some simple beginner devices for new vapers to try out, and a few mid- and high-range products so that they can see the difference in capabilities across many different devices.

Spare Batteries and Chargers

The big game is notorious for being a six-hour-plus event. Between the game itself and the performances, your guests will be vaping on and off for an extended period of time. You definitely don’t want to run out of power halfway through your party. Gather up your chargers and set up a charging bay where you can easily plug in devices and your extra batteries.

Be Ready

Before your guests arrive, make sure that all of your vaporizers are properly cleaned and set up. If you wait until everyone is at your door, you will have too much going on to work on setting things up properly. You don’t want to ignore your guests while you’re trying to get things ready.

Get Creative

Great game-day party ideas always start with a little bit of creativity. Your guests will definitely be hungry during the game, so you’ll want to have plenty of snacks and drinks available. As you set up your spread, consider making placards that indicate which flavors go best with which foods and drinks. After all, e-liquids create very fragrant and flavorful clouds that can be paired quite well with a variety of different foods.

Help Each Other Out

The idea behind a vape bar is to give your friends and family something they can enjoy throughout the game. It’s all about sharing a hobby that you’re passionate about. To get the best results from your vape bar, make sure that you are helping out new vapers by answering their questions and showing them how to use the devices properly. Share with them the benefits of vaping so they can understand why people choose to vape instead of smoke. The more knowledgeable you are, the better.

Challenge One Another

The big game is a competition of strength, endurance and skill. You can bring that competitive nature right into your living room by creating fun vape challenges for your friends. Teach your friends how to create special shapes with their vapor and show them a few tricks. Perhaps stock up on a few special prizes so you can hold a contest!

No Pressure

Of course, some of your guests may not be interested in vaping themselves. Whatever you do, don’t pressure people into vaping against their will. The mingling of so many strong smells and flavors may be overwhelming, or they may not be interested in the technology. No big deal. Don’t be pushy.


At DIRECTVAPOR, we know that the earlier you start planning your game-day vape party the more successful you will be. There are plenty of ways to make your event stand out and create great memories with your friends.

Be sure you’ve stocked up on all the necessary parts and supplies you will need to keep everyone vaping throughout the night. Don’t be afraid to grab some unusual flavors that your guests might like to take a chance on outside of your normal preferences. The key is variety and flexibility so that new vapers understand how broad the spectrum of vape products really is. As always, you can buy with complete confidence from DIRECTVAPOR and our promise to our customers.

Lastly, don’t forget to simplify vaping for those who are new to the practice. If you only have advanced vaporizers available, consider picking up one or two inexpensive beginner devices to help them get started stress-free.


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