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Top 20 E-Liquid Brands

DirectVapor is all about offering the new-new you guys crave, along with staples that make vaping easy, accessible, and overall, fun. One category we’ve always aimed to please is in regards to e-liquids. Considering the vast array of innovation that is always occurring, and how many incredible lines of juice are available, it’s safe to say, we try to stay on top of all the best offerings.

The following blog will look at some of the best brands of e-liquids available at the current time, and why we think you should be vaping with them. Looking for something new or wondering what the best available liquids are? Look no further; DirectVapor has got the goods and everything you need to be vaping well!

Top E-liquid Brands

RipTide’s E-Liquid Pods offer the power of NicTech tobacco-free, benzoic acid-free e-liquids, with powerful strengths and 5 delectable flavors. This is among the most advanced vape juice out there; offering the fullest, richest flavors and intense nicotine. While the RipTide RipStick is an awesome vape setup, it’s the RipTide E-Liquid Pods that deliver the magic. Each pod sells for $3.99, while the RipTide RipStick Bundle includes the RipStick Battery + 5 Pods for $32.95.
VaporFi E-Liquids are really some of the best on the market. These juices are made under the strictest, most rigorous standards with the most rigid ingredients to ensure the vaping is always at the highest level. They have seriously perfected their formulas and they offer one of the largest catalogs of e-liquid flavors and blends around. DirectVapor is more than proud to carry these juices.

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This specialty line of vape juices features the highest quality liquids, made with the highest standards, in some of the most interesting and unique flavors. Rock ‘n roll themed and made to satisfy, Motley Brew offers up classic e-liquid flavors like Bubble Pop and Grateful Red, which have been vape industry faves for years. This is a line you cannot miss out on; DirectVapor remains one of the few places you can score them!
The DripCo takes vape juices to new and uncharted territories. For anyone into unusual blends, unique experiences, and unmatched intensity in their vape flavors, this is a brand to be vaping with. We are crazy about their unconventional and delicious approach!
Candy vape juices are a time-honored classic; who doesn’t love vaping the flavors of candy? Candy King does candy juice right. Even if you’re not into the taste of actual candy, vaping it is a whole new experience. Each 30ml bottle sells for just $19.99. DirectVapor has a major selection of these awesome juices; we highly suggest checking them out!
Twist E-Liquid is such a fun line of juices and here at DirectVapor, we absolutely love what they do! These juices are delectable and bold; and while they’re definitely on the more intense end of the spectrum, they’re certainly among the most delicious out there.
Naked 100 E-Liquids are all about that fresh taste of authentic fruit flavors. These juices don’t go too wild; they deliver pure, clean tastes, some with the essence of cream blended in for extra smoothness. These are a long-time customer fave!
Clean flavors, smooth vapors; Glas Basix is one of the hottest e-liquid names around! This company totally gets what vapers want and need and they really deliver it with their top-shelf line of juices. Sold in 60ml bottles, we love that they are super affordable at just $13.99 per bottle.
Sweet-tasting juices that offer up mouthfuls of candy flavors; POP! Vapors are pretty darn awesome. These flavors were meant to pop, giving you all the satisfaction you crave from sweet, juicy vapor. Here at DirectVapor, we have a large selection of these fine juices; they are most definitely among the best you can get!
pop vapors e liquid
Propaganda has been keeping it real since Day 1, offering up a highly delicious, wildly scandalous line of juices everyone should be vaping. DirectVapor has been proudly carrying this line for years now, and we are thrilled to offer the goods!
This brand really knows how to Keep it 100! We totally love the whole line from this cool, juicy vape brand and find their whole collection to be centered on fun flavors that taste awesome. Slushies, berries, birthday cake; it sounds like a party to us!
Beard Vape Co. made a splash the minute they landed at DirectVapor and we cannot get enough of their delicious juices. Through the years, they have evolved quite a bit, yet they’ve never strayed from their commitment to creating sensational vape juices.
Vapetasia offers some of the best juices. Haven’t tried ‘em? Well, you need to! We are crazy about their line and love their interesting take on fruity-dessert vapes. Prices are really good; 100ml bottles go for $22.99! Refreshing, unique, amazing quality; they do it all.
The Mad Hatter line of e-liquids landed to immense fanfare and we have always loved these. DirectVapor has a long relationship with this quirky brand, known for their deliciously intense flavors. From classics like I Love Donuts to their Salts; Mad Hatter E-Liquids are always a good idea.
Great flavors, great vapor; you’d think by just the name, this line wouldn’t have lasted long, but on the contrary, their juices are so good, they’re anything but a One Hit Wonder! Oh, the irony! DirectVapor has got everything you need from their collection, so don’t hesitate to stock up!

#16 Ethos Vapor

Ethos Vapor landed in the vape industry at a time when it was unusual to come across a brand doing totally their own thing. Ethos has always been about carving their own path, creating juices like no one else, and doing a fine job with it. They offer several different lines, large quantities, and some of the best standards around.
Ethos_eliquid logo
The potent, powerful flavor of assorted fruit jams, jammed into massive 100ml bottles, offered at awesome prices between $17.99 – $29.95; Jam Monster E-Liquids are like their motto says “scary good”! These are delicious, intense juices, so if you’re after big flavor, this line will set you straight.
Inspired by Mother Earth herself, the Pachamama line of liquids pays homage to natural-tasting fruity flavors. What started as an offshoot by Cosmic Charlie’s has evolved into one of the most sought-after collections of e-liquids. DirectVapor has a huge catalog of these, so if you’re in the mood for luxurious fruit vapes that taste like the real deal, get some Pachamama today!
One of the most interesting “newer” brands out there, Aqua offers some great flavors and awesome quality. Each flavor is comprised of a trio of fresh fruit tastes, sold in 60ml unicorn bottles, delivering refreshing, bold vapor. This is one of the coolest premium vape juice brands around!
Fruity vapes and endless vapor; It’s Pixy offers up some truly different juices you should definitely be trying. These juices are made with the highest quality ingredients, with rigorous testing involved for purity. With flavors like Mango Lime, Sour Green Apple, and Cucumber Melon, these are flavors that will totally refresh your soul!

DirectVapor is one of the world’s leading retailers for e-liquids, sourcing only the best brands with the highest standards for quality. We are all about offering great variety and finding the best newcomers out there, along with carrying the industry’s most prominent names. The result is one of the most inclusive selections of e-liquids at the best prices. We do the homework; you get the best juices; it’s a win-win! If you are looking for new e-liquids or are just scoping out different options, we’ve got everything you need. Happy vaping and happy shopping, vape fam!

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