This is An Anti Clone Zone

Clones have become a really big deal lately in the vape industry. These devices are both a blessing and a curse, morso the latter, which is why we aim to keep them off of our site.

Clones (the exact definition may get a little skewered depending on who you are speaking to) are third party replicas of an original design. They are not exactly knockoffs, because slight alterations may be made somewhere, sometimes to even improve the design of a particular item.

They are sold for a lot less than the original, whom they mimic in every way, so they present something of an ethics issue, bottom line. Our take on clones is that we stand by our brands, and we aim to maintain a high level of excellence, and we absolutely believe in carrying products from manufacturers who hold the highest standards. In the age of constant reproduction of everything for a minimal cost, authenticity counts for quality, and that’s what our primary focus is on. The thing with authentic products is that, for the most part, they’ve earned their reputations and gotten to that level of being imitated because they did something, or many things right.

In an attempt to combat cloning, and for some brands to maintain their genuine “edge” they have taken to branding each item produced with serial numbers. Will it help? Perhaps, though we don’t blame them for going to this extent. Many brands, Innokin, for example, spends a tremendous amount of time and money on research and development in order to produce exceptional products, this really does come through in the finished product. Hence the reason so many of their products are replicated; they’re that good. Oftentimes, consumers are not outright searching for clones, and factors such as availability, pricing, and the actual ability to get the products due to production can get in the way; it may seem like the only way to get an item. This is a seriously tech-savvy, innovative, up-to-the-minute industry and people want certain things the minute they hit the market.

We totally get why clones are attractive, however, in our commitment to quality and authenticity, we will never sell you a clone in an attempt to pass it off for the real deal!


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