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The Rise of the Disposable Vape

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Why are Disposable Vapes So Popular?

Even though they aren’t exactly new on the vaping scene, disposables have definitely become massively popular over the last year or two. And while disposables used to have a reputation as the cheap, low-quality vape option – after all, they’re literally designed to be thrown away – we’re seeing some major upgrades totally transform the market. Now, you can find an impressive variety of disposable vape devices from the most respected brands in the industry, and a fast-growing number of vapers consider disposables to be a staple in their vape routine.

So, have disposable vapes transcended trend status and become a device style that’s here to stay? If you ask us, the answer is a definite yes – let’s talk about why.

It’s not difficult to come up with a list of the benefits of disposable vapes, especially because they’re engineered to be the ultimate in easy, enjoyable vaping. The advantages of disposables are exactly what propelled them to their current level of popularity, so let’s break it down – here are some of the top perks to look forward to when you use disposable vapes:

Disposable vapes are, by far, the easiest vape device style to use

Disposables are simple, hassle-free vape devices that require virtually no effort or experience to use. A typical disposable has no fire buttons, no device control, and no myriad of features to tinker with. Basically, you can start vaping right after you take it out of its packaging − no prep needed.

This is a plus for both new vapers and vapers that just prefer a no-fuss experience. Even for seasoned vapers that have a device with all the bells and whistles, disposables can offer a great option for a quick, easy vape session.

Disposable vape flavors tend to pop

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Why do disposable vapes taste better?” It might sound surprising that the flavor of disposable vapes is the subject of rave reviews, but there’s actually a factual reason for this. 

On traditional vapes, e-liquids with high levels of sweetener can gunk up the coils and cut their lifespan short. But with disposables, the coils only need to last as long as the device’s battery or juice capacity – because that’s when you’ll be tossing the whole thing in the trash. So, manufacturers can use more sweeteners when flavoring disposable vape juices, resulting in a richer flavor in many cases.

The one-time cost of a disposable vape is lower when compared to other device styles

Some vapers’ budget is better suited to the relatively inexpensive price tag that comes with disposables. Even though the cost of disposables can add up quickly, there are vapers that prefer that versus the higher upfront expense of more advanced devices. 

So, whether or not you consider disposable vape costs as a benefit or a drawback, it really comes down to your budget and preferences. 

Disposables can be a great way to try a multitude of flavors and brands

Are you shopping around for the best vape brands or flavors? Thanks to the affordability of disposables – and the wide range of options available – you can definitely take a sampler-style approach to your disposable vape experience. 

Trying different disposables can be a useful way to find your favorites, so you can be confident that you’re making the right choice if and when you purchase full-size e-juice bottles in the future.

Disposable Vaping from DirectVapor

Advancements in Disposable Vapes

Even though disposables have been around for a while, it’s only recently that they’ve really taken off – why? 

A lot of it has to do with manufacturers’ recent investments in disposable vape technology. With more vapers reaching for disposables, brands have recognized that now is the time to be working to improve and innovate the technology. That translates into new advancements in disposable vapes, which then serves to only continue to increase their popularity. In other words, it’s a cycle that ends up being a win-win for everyone.

Here are a few recent advancements in vape technology – specifically, disposable design – that has led us to where we are today.

Higher puff counts

Standard disposable vape pens used to offer a maximum of a few hundred puffs before they were depleted, but newer styles can deliver upwards of 5,000 to 6,000 puffs. These high-puff count disposable vapes are an attractive option for people who want the best of both worlds: convenience and a solid lifespan.

Salt nic disposables

Salt nic disposables aren’t precisely brand-new, but they’ve certainly become far more popular (and accessible) lately. Salt nic (also called nicotine salts) produce a delightfully smooth experience with a powerful punch of nicotine, reducing the harsh throat hit that’s usually associated with high-nicotine e-juices. Most nicotine salt disposables are made with 5% (50mg) nicotine concentration, which equates to fewer puffs to satisfy your cravings.

Better-quality coils

One of disposable vape technology’s biggest changes is the coils’ quality. Many of today’s disposable vapes rely on mesh coils, which heat up and deliver vapor more quickly than other coil types. Even disposables without mesh coils will provide an enjoyable experience. 

More flavors

Forget being limited to just a handful of basic flavors; you can now take your pick from a delicious variety of options regarding disposables. The increased popularity of disposable vapes means manufacturers are working harder to stay competitive, aiming to attract vapers with innovative flavor combinations. 

Improved auto-draw switches

Engineering improvements in auto-draw switches have allowed disposable manufacturers to create devices that provide seamless, intuitive performance that will exceed your expectations. The exceptional sensitivity of auto-draw switches, combined with the rapid heating of mesh coils, will absolutely enhance your experience. 

Disposable Vapes: Drawbacks to Know About

There’s no question that disposables are one of the hottest vape device types on the market today and can be a great fit for many different vapers. However, like any vape device, disposables have a few characteristics that some vapers might consider to be a deal-breaker – it really just depends on your preferences.

  • Because the defining characteristic of these vapes is that they are disposable, some people worry about the environmental impact of the added waste.
  • Even though disposables come with a fairly low price, because you’re buying an entirely new device every time, they aren’t as cost-effective in the end.  

Disposable Vape Devices: FAQs

Before we wrap up, let’s cover a couple of frequently asked questions about disposable vapes.

How much do disposables usually cost?

You can find disposable vapes for around $12 to $15 each, with bundle packages sometimes offering an even better deal. 

What’s next for new disposable vape technology?

Looking forward, we are confident that disposables will only continue to get better and better. Some potential advancements and ideas could include:

  • Juice level gauges on more models so that it’s easier to tell when you’re close to running out of e-juice
  • Better battery life/higher puff counts
  • More options for recycling to cut down on waste

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