SV Mi-One Vape Starter Kit Review

The SV Mi-One Starter Kit is an outstanding all-in-one vaporizer designed to serve both beginners and advanced vapers alike. It does away with complicated menus and bulky cases. Instead, it is a smooth, elegant mini vape that fits perfectly in your hand or pocket. Plus, it is supported by robust technology that makes it perform like a dream.

A Distinguished Exterior

The Mi-One is not just a simple vaporizer. It is a work of art. From the moment you unbox the device, you are sure to love the unique tortoise shell pattern that covers the sides of the case. It is available in six colors, including a plain black variant. But, the fluid lava look is what gives the Mi-One so much character on the outside. Whether you opt for the turquoise or the purple, you are sure to get a 100 percent original body with a stunning finish.

The front face features a small cutaway window that allows you to see the built-in tank and know when it’s time to refill. On the opposite side is a plain, flat surface with a single port near the top. The color swirl wraps around the exterior, complimented by a thin black trim framing the edges to tie it all together.

At only 47 mm tall, the device fits well in most every size hand. A large firing button rests on top of the device, making it easy for your fingers to naturally wrap around the case. It is also small enough to carry on the handy wrist strap that comes included with the kit.

Hidden Features

With such a tiny case, what could possibly be hidden inside the Mi-One to make it stand out? Surprisingly, this little device contains a number of impressive features, including a large 3.5 mL tank. The 1100 mAh battery is another built-in feature that gives this thing plenty of life and range, despite its small size. Overall, you can expect to get a good 3-4 hours of casual vaping out of the Mi-One before you need to recharge.

The designers have added all of the best safety measures, such as short circuit protection and low battery protection. A simple, 3-color LED system lets you know when the battery is wearing down and when it is time for a charge. In addition, a childproof safety cap sits atop the tank. This handy feature keeps your device leak proof when it hangs from your wrist and it also helps to keep curious kids at bay when left around the house.

The Mi-One is set up with a direct voltage output between 3V-4.2V. For those who are used to large scale box mods, this may seem weak; but, in reality, this device has been engineered to perform at peak efficiency with very little voltage output.

There are few digital screens and menu adjustments thanks to the efficiency of the Mi-One, which is able to deliver precise performance every single time you hit the firing button without having to overcome any other obstacles along the way.

The majority of your control comes with the top airflow adjustment and the option to switch out coils, if you’d like. The Mi-One comes standard with .6 Ohm coils, but there are a couple of compatible options that offer a lower resistance.

Who Needs It?

The Mi-One is the ultimate portable vaporizer. The device itself isn’t much longer than your thumb and it carries just enough juice to get you through a day of running errands.

The geniuses behind the Mi-One took to social media to say this device was designed to serve a part of the market that was previously underserved: beginners and female vapers. However, they were sure to make the device powerful enough to deliver a solid vaping experience unlike other, simplified devices.

It’s not every day that a teeny, tiny vaporizer comes out and wows the world. Even advanced vapers can appreciate the size of the vapor clouds and the tiny footprint of this device. If you just need something quick and easy to carry with you as you’re running out of the house, this is a great option.

The Mi-One has caught our attention because it is able to pack so much capacity in such a tiny box. It puts out vapor clouds on par with other casual vaping devices. The design of the exterior makes it stand out from other basic box mods with a high-end acrylic finish and matching colored accessories.

For $39.99, this is an amazing addition to any vaper’s collection and a great step up from a basic cig-a-like or beginner’s pen style vaporizer. When you find yourself wishing for a more convenient way to vape, the SV Mi-One Starter Kit is like a dream come true.


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