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Suorin Air Plus Review

Suorin has managed to improve on the most popular vape pod system on the market as they release the Suorin Air Plus. Taking a classic design and remastering it, the promise of this new device is better performance, longer battery life, and greater flavor than its predecessor. If you have used the original Suorin Air, you know that the bar Suorin has set for itself sounds insane as the original has gained critical acclaim around the globe. With that being said, the new device is about to hit the shelves and it is more powerful, sleeker and appears to be able to do everything the company created it for.

It takes a lot to get the entire vaping industry buzzing with excitement, and the Suorin Air Plus has certainly generated more interest than any pod system released in the last couple of years as it aims to not only break the mold but completely shatter the concept of pod-based vaping.

Fans of the original Suorin Air will be blown away. Because the new model keeps an almost identical footprint in terms of overall size and shape, the Suorin Air Plus will be a welcome surprise from the very first hit. It is a touch bigger, while the original measured in at 88mm by 45mm by 8mm, the Suorin Air Plus comes in at 93.2mm by 49.9mm by 9.9mm. When it’s in the palm of your hand, however, the extra couple of millimeters is barely noticeable, and what they have packed into the extra body space is more than worth it. Keeping the device as a card shape will be a plus point for many of Suorins’ customers. The sleek body shape was what made both the V1 and V2 so popular and as a pod system it is the ultimate stealth vape technology. While other pod systems on the market went towards bulkier designs, Suorins’ entire line has always strived to be inconspicuous. Thousands of users around the world fell in love with the elegance of the design and its simplicity and will be very happy that the new device is even easier to use.

As one of the most portable vape pod systems on the market, the Suorin Air’s biggest drawback was the relatively small 400mAh lithium-ion power supply. As the Suorin Air Plus hits the market you can expect more than twice the battery life of the first version as those extra few millimeters allowed them to install a 930mAh battery in the device. This incredible upgrade means much more vaping in between charges, and that is never a bad thing for anyone. Charging the device is as simple as ever — plugging the Suorin Air Plus into a USB-C power cord that is attached to either a 1 Amp power block or USB port on a computer. Keeping track of the power left in the device has been made easier than ever with the addition of a bank of 5 LED lights to give you an accurate gauge of what’s left inside. If all 5 lights are on, you are between 100/80%, 4 lights let you know you have dropped below 80% but are still above 60%, 3 lights let you know you are around half power, 2 lights means you are between 40% and 20%, and a single illuminated LED means it’s time to find a Suorin Air Plus charger and plug the device in. With the massive upgrade to the battery size, it will be tough to drain but when it’s time to add power, the battery will be fully charged in around 50 minutes.

As an air activated system, the award-winning first edition had a single button on its surface to power the device down when not in use. With the Suorin Air Plus, that has been removed. An improvement on the activation switch design means the chances of auto-firing for this miniature behemoth are lower than ever before, making the need for the switch redundant. One of the other major changes from the original device is the pods that sit on the battery pack. While the original was a 2ML capacity tank that protruded from the top of the device, the Suorin Air Plus comes with a 3.2ML pod that is recessed into the larger frame. A much larger Juice Well that appears to take up less room than the original is great from a design perspective as well as making sure that the tank is never accidentally removed from the device. Still using a proprietary plug-and-play system, the Suorin Air Plus is designed to be leak-free. With its silicone refilling plug and two separate coil systems designed with jobs in mind, Suorin gave a serious overhaul to a pod system that was already considered to be superior to even the closest competition. With a 0.7-ohm Atomizer head designed for use with traditional e-liquids and a 0.8-ohm Atomizer for salt-based e-liquid solutions, Suorin is giving customers the option to customize an already amazing vaping experience and the brands outstanding attention to customer satisfaction is shining through with this device.

In short, our Suorin Air review is a glowing one. If you are looking for the perfect vape pod system for either yourself or a friend, you will find it very difficult to beat the quality of the Suorin Air Plus. As the perfect stealth vaping device, the original was hard to beat but we believe that with the upgrades that Suorin has included, it will certainly make its predecessor pale in comparison.

Here at Direct Vapor, we strive to bring our customers the best products at the best price, and if the Suorin Air Plus is even 10% greater in functionality in the original Suorin Air, it will be worth its weight in gold. With all of the added features in the device, we are as excited as everyone else to see how these equate to long term, everyday use. Whether you are brand new to either our Direct Vapor family or the Suorin line of products, we can promise you a customer service experience like no other as without satisfied customers we would no longer earn the incredible business we’ve seen throughout years of being your favorite destination for premium vapor products.

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