Where to Buy 18650 Vape Battery Replacements


Every vaper needs a new set of 18650 batteries every few months in order to maintain maximum effectiveness and battery safety.

Batteries will reduce in effectiveness a little bit more with each discharge and recharge cycle, so it’s definitely a good idea to keep a few extra paired sets of 18650’s handy, in case you start questioning your battery’s efficiency. Dropping your batteries can be common, especially with a spring-loaded charger, but it’s important to replace your batteries immediately if you notice a dent, scratch or crack in the wrapping.

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So you might be asking yourself, “what stores sell 18650 batteries?” This sounds like an easy question, as 18650 batteries are very common this far into the evolution of vaping, but the problem lies in the amount of misinformation that is circulated in some vape shops, paired with the lack of ability to verify the authenticity of the product you’re buying. You already know that DIRECTVAPOR is the best place to pick up vape mods and accessories, but let’s see why we’re the best place to buy vape batteries too!


Accurate Information at Your Fingertips

As mentioned, it’s easy to get wrong information at a local brick & mortar, and this isn’t meant as shade, but rather a word of warning to inexperienced vapers. We’ve all been there and received some bad advice from someone standing at the counter of your local vape shop, and we feel like battery safety isn’t an area to gamble on potentially ill-founded guidance. Not only are DIRECTVAPOR’s blogs and customer support focused on accurate advice and answers, but you also have the natural convenience of shopping online, in the comfort of your own home. Our low price guarantee adds a layer of protection to this, by offering price matches for new purchases, and refunding the difference on completed purchases. We have the best selection of 18650’s, and you can be confident that the battery will perform up to spec – or we’ll take care of it!


No-Clone Zone Means Business

The massive problem that cloned and rewrapped batteries present has grown exponentially with the market. Cloned and knock-off batteries create an extremely hazardous situation that can have some very unfortunate consequences. Often, these fake 18650 batteries are advertised as batteries with a higher max amperage draw rating or larger mAh capacity. This can be dangerous because overdrawing a battery can lead to what’s called “venting,” where a battery hits critical mass and starts a chemical reaction, venting harmful gases out of the battery casing, with extreme cases ending in an explosion. DIRECTVAPOR’s No-Clone Zone comes to aid in a really big way when it comes to picking out the best 18650 battery for vaping e-liquid, by tackling these problems head-on. You’ll never have to worry about the authenticity of our products, as we only work with licensed manufacturers and distributors.



We hope we’ve answered your question of, “what stores sell 18650 batteries?” – but just in case, the answer should always be DIRECTVAPOR! If our dedication to providing top-notch product info, stellar customer support and the NO-Clone Zone don’t convince you, maybe the DIRECTVAPOR Promise will. We offer protection against unsatisfactory purchases, through an incomparable 30-day return policy and 90-day manufacturing warranty, so go ahead and browse our huge selection 18650 batteries from all of the top brands!

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