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Why is My Vape Tank Leaking?

Is a messy leaking device, causing you to wonder, “why is my vape tank leaking?” Novice vapers and long-time vape vets alike can agree that there are few things more frustrating than a leaky vape tank. If it’s never happened to you, you might think that a leaking vape tank is exclusively a rookie vaper problem – but that’s actually not the case. A leaky vape tank is a very common occurrence, plaguing nearly every vaper at one point or another.

Why is the Tank Leaking on My Vape?

Luckily, there are a handful of ways you can stop your vape tank from leaking and get back to a mess-free, enjoyable vape. A leaking tank can be caused by several different factors, running from damaged equipment to user error.

Here are a few different reasons your vape tank might be leaking:

Cracks in Tank

A small crack or cracks on the tank itself, typically showing up on the base of the tank, are one of the top causes of tank leaks. If you’re working with a plastic tank, cracking or melting might have occurred as a result of your choice of e-juice. Certain vape juices, such as cinnamon, menthol, and a handful of fruit flavors, are notorious for damaging plastic tanks when heating to a high temperature. With these vape juices, glass tanks should be your first choice.

Filling Your Tank Wrong

Filling your tank incorrectly is an easy mistake to make for beginning and advanced vapers alike. Most tanks have a central airflow tube running up to the drip tip, often called the chimney. If you accidentally get juice in the chimney when refilling, that can cause leakage. Overfilling your tank is another common cause of leaks.

Built-up Juice Reside

A build-up of old vape juice residue can put pressure on the casing of the tank, often preventing it from sealing properly. It’s difficult to notice this with the naked eye, and you often don’t realize it’s an issue until you’re dealing with a leak.

Tank Flooding vs. Leaking

Vape Tank Flooding vs. Leaking

If your vape juice is leaking into the battery, you might not have a leak issue – instead, it could be a flooding problem. Flooding is generally a result of an overenthusiastic inhale, which leads to an excess of e-liquid being pulled into the device’s atomizer. Because there’s too much liquid, your heating coil can’t vaporize all of it.

At that point, the extra liquid is going to end up either in the battery or directly in your mouth – neither one a pleasant result. If the vape juice floods into your battery compartment, you’ll have to deal with frustrating gurgling noises, or worse, you’ll kill your battery. If you’re noticing that the vape juice is coming out of the area where your tank and battery terminal meet, the odds are that you’re dealing with a flooded tank.

Understand What E-Juice Viscosity Means

Another factor that can cause flooding is an overfilled tank. If you attempt to add more e-juice when the wick is already completely saturated, you can run into the issue as well. Avoiding these two scenarios is as simple as paying attention to how much e-juice you have in your reservoir tank, as well replacing your atomizer’s heating coil on a regular basis.

Understand What Vape Juice Viscosity Means

Vape juice viscosity can play a significant role in a leaking tank situation, as well as the overall performance of your vape tank. Vape juice is made from either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). PG has a low viscosity, which often makes it easier to refill and far slower to clog up your heating coils. Because VG has a higher viscosity, it can build up quickly on both your coils and the delivery device walls, which can significantly deter your tank’s performance.

How Can I Stop My Vape from Leaking?

PG and VG each have pros and cons and choosing one over the other depends largely on your vape style. However, understanding that VG has a higher viscosity means that you’ll know that you simply need to clean the tank more regularly, as compared to PG-based liquids.

How Can I Stop My Vape from Leaking?

Typically, fixing a leaky vape tank is a simple process, depending on the cause of the leak.

  • If you’ve simply flooded your tank, taking apart your vaporizer and drying it off will make a big difference. On your next vape, be aware of how forcefully you’re inhaling to avoid bringing too much liquid into the atomizer.
  • An overfilled tank is another easy fix. If you’re a chronic over-filler, consider making the switch to a clearomizer, which makes it easy to see how much liquid you have at a glance.
  • If your tank is damaged, investing in a new one is your best option. Choose a sturdy, leak-proof tank to avoid future issues. If you’re planning to vape menthol, cinnamon, or fruity flavors, get a glass vape tank instead of plastic. If you’re looking to upgrade, consider snagging a whole starter kit for a fresh start.
  • Keeping up with regular cleanings is another easy way to stop leaking issues. You should be cleaning the device with warm water every two to three days, allowing your tank to air dry overnight.
  • An inexpensive fix that can often completely resolve a leak is replacing your device’s O-rings. They get worn down and warped over time, which can compromise the seal.
How Do I Stop My Vape from Spitting?

How Do I Stop My Vape from Spitting?

Dealing with a spitting device is frustrating, and can lead to vape juice in your mouth, tongue burns, and other unpleasant effects. Here are a few tips for resolving a spitting issue:

  • If you’re using a sub-ohm vape, make sure that you’re vaping at a high enough wattage.
  • Try reducing the airflow to cut down on the amount of liquid hitting the coil.
  • If your device is an RTA or RDA, check that you’re using enough cotton on the wicks.
  • Take apart your device and check all your seals and O-rings to ensure there isn’t a faulty piece anywhere.

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t resolve the leaking issue, it might be time to invest in a new set-up. DIRECTVAPOR has all the equipment you need, offering a wide selection of tanks, accessories, and more from all your favorite brands. Check out our selection today to find everything you need to get back to an enjoyable, mess-free vape!

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