A Step-By-Step Guide to Steeping Your Vape Juice

If you’re a part of the vaping community, the odds are that you’ve heard talk about vape juice steeping, and its potential for taking a vape experience from good to great. With thousands of vape juice flavors to choose from, many of which layer several tantalizing flavors to create blends that rival your favorite dessert, maximizing flavor is often at the top of many vapers’ priorities. While purchasing top-quality vape juices is one of the ways to guarantee flavor enjoyment, steeping has become a popular method for taking those tasty blends to the next level.

Here’s everything you need to know about steeping, so you’ll be prepared to try your hand at the vaping trend that’s here to stay.

What is Steeping Vape Juice?

For most people, the term “steeping” is associated with making a cup of tea. Typically, making tea involves soaking the tea leaves in hot water to extract the flavor and create the beloved hot beverage. However, vape juice doesn’t contain tea leaves – or for that matter, any solid substances – so how exactly can you steep it?

The concept of steeping doesn’t translate the same way when it comes to vape juice. The vaping industry has generally adopted to term to describe a process that’s not that similar to whipping up a cup of hot tea. The only similarities lie in the result – a powerful punch of flavor ready to be enjoyed.

Steeping vape juice is a process that allows the juice flavors to diffuse to peak levels. The vape juice is placed in a sealed bottle, out of the light, allowing it to age naturally so the flavors can mature. There are several different ways to steep vape juice, with most being fairly simple processes that even beginning vapers can tackle.

Why Steep E-Juice?

Steeping is a simple process that will allow you to enjoy the vape juice’s best flavor, enhancing your vaping experience and allowing you the make the most of your favorite juice blends. Of course, steeping isn’t a required part of the process, but most vapers agree that it’s a can’t-miss step for a quality vape. If you vape e-juice right out of a brand-new bottle, it’s considered “semi-green,” meaning it may not have had the opportunity to mellow out. If you make your own vape juice, steeping is critical in avoiding a chemical taste.

In general, steeping can take the harsh edge off of many vape juices, allowing the true flavor to shine through. That means that the deep-fried apple pie-flavored clouds coming out of your vaporizer will taste a lot more like the real thing – and not like a puff of strong chemicals. Many vapers say that depending on the vape juice, you may not need to steep it and that for some flavors, steeping yields less than optimal results. However, because steeping produces excellent flavor more often than not, it’s a routine practice for many in-the-know vapers.

The Science Behind Steeping

The Science Behind Steeping

Although there have yet to be any scientific studies specifically proving the success rate of steeping vape juice, the process itself is a fairly scientific one. Essentially, steeping is an oxidation process that takes place between the primary ingredients of any vape juice. Vape juice is typically comprised of flavoring, nicotine, and a base – either vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). When you steep your vape juice, oxidation occurs between the flavoring, nicotine, and base. Many vapers have found that the process takes longer for blends that contain a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin, as well as for certain flavors such as tobacco and custard.

What’s the Difference in Pre-Steeped E-Juice?

Theoretically, any professional-manufactured vape juice has been pre-steeped to a certain extent. Consider this: the vape juice is produced in the manufacturer’s facility, then placed in a box (away from the light) and jostled along to its destination. It’s loaded onto a delivery truck, driven countless bumpy miles, and finally placed onto the store shelf where you purchased it – or, dropped off directly on your doorstep if you’re an online shopper. The time that passed between the vape juice’s manufacturing and the moment you pop open the bottle does allow it to steep to a certain extent.

However, pre-steeped vape juice is a specifically-formulated type of e-juice that takes the process up a notch. When you purchase a pre-steeped e-juice, all of the work – easy as it may be – has been taken off your hands. The juice has been allowed to reach its natural maturity and peak flavors.

What is Steep Time

What’s Steep Time?

Steep time is the straightforward term used to refer to the amount of time a specific juice needs to reach its ideal maturation point. However, because the flavor is an extremely subjective topic, you won’t necessarily find exact time guides to follow. There are a few handy guidelines you can find with a bit of research, including the generally-agreed-upon the idea that tobacco, cream, and custard flavors require a bit of extra time.

As a loose guide, steep time can run anywhere between two and four weeks. Experimenting with your favorite juices will help you find the perfect time for each one.

Understanding the Different Vape Juice Steeping Techniques

There are many different ways to steep your e-juice, including several that promise faster-than-average results. Essentially, all the speed-focused techniques share a few things in common: a sealed bottle, warm environment, and regular agitation. Whichever route you choose, you’ll want to use high-quality bottles to prevent leakage, as well as well-made vape juice that doesn’t cut corners on flavor or quality.

Finding the method that works best for you is often a matter of preference, so it’s recommended that you try several different ways until you hit the right one.

How to Steep E-Juice

How to Steep E-Juice?

The most basic method for steeping vape juice is to place the bottles in a cool, dry place away from direct light. A dresser drawer, box, or closet works perfectly for the process, shielding the bottle from light. Before you put the bottles away, shake each one vigorously. Then, allow them to sit for two to four weeks, taking them out once daily to give a good shake. You may have heard of vapers using their refrigerator to steep vape juice, but the cold temperatures can actually cause the steeping process to slow dramatically.

If you’re in a rush, there are a handful of ways that promise super-fast results – though you’ll have to try them to find out. Although 50 to 70 degrees is typically recommended for optimal steeping results, many vapers believe that turning up the heat can help speed the process. Be aware that high temperatures may affect your juice flavor or composition. But, if you’re in a hurry, it might be worth a shot.

Here are just a few of the other ways that you can steep your vape juice and be on your way to the best flavor experience you’ve ever had:

Use a Hot Bath

  1. Fill a medium-sized bowl with extremely warm water – warm enough that it’s unpleasant to the touch.
  2. Carefully place your vape juice bottles into a plastic zip bag and seal the zipper. Before sealing the bag, ensure that all of your bottle lids are screwed on tightly.
  3. Place the bag in the warm water, allowing it to sit until the water cools.
  4. Remove the bag and take each bottle out to remove the cap. Allow the natural gasses to evaporate, then replace the lids and shake well.

Use the Slow Cooker

  1. Fill a slow cooker with room temperature water.
  2. Place capped juice bottles into a plastic zip bag and remove as much air as possible from the bag before zipping. Alternatively, you can place a bowl inside the cooker and place the juice bottles in that.
  3. Submerge the bag in the water.
  4. Set the slow cooker setting to Low.
  5. Leave the bag in the slow cooker for 30 minutes to 4 hours.
  6. Uncap each bottle, allow the gasses to dissipate, then shake well.

Take Advantage of a Hot Summer Day

  1. Place capped juice bottles in a plastic zip bag.
  2. Put the bag in your car’s glove box, shutting the box completely.
  3. Leave the vape juice in your car for up to three days.
  4. Remove the bottles from the bag, uncap and let the juice breathe. Replace the cap and shake well.

Everything You Need for Steeping Your Own Vape Juice

At DIRECTVAPOR, we offer all of the supplies you need to give steeping a try, including a variety of unicorn bottles and thousands of premium-quality e-juices. If you want your steeping efforts to be worth it, starting with a carefully-crafted vape juice promises the best results. At DIRECTVAPOR, you’ll find a selection of vape juices from all the brands you know and love, ranging from creative, dessert-inspired blends to the more traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.

Browse DIRECTVAPOR’s lineup of vaping products and stock up on all your steeping necessities today.


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