SMOK Stick Prince Review

Up until recently, large box mods were vapers’ only option for high-performance devices, meaning that a quality vape session had to go hand in hand with carrying a bulky, sometimes inconvenient vaporizer. However, efforts to answer the vape community’s demands for high performance and portability have resulted in several impressive compact vapes, specifically the pen-style options that are rapidly becoming more popular.

SMOK has always been a leader in the industry, and their forays into pen-style vapes are no exception. One of the latest compact vape options from the brand is the SMOK Stick Prince, which has quickly earned a reputation for packing a mighty punch despite its relatively small size.

Looking for a vape that combines convenience, portability, and performance? The SMOK Stick Prince might be the match for you. Here’s the DIRECTVAPOR team’s SMOK Stick Prince review to answer all your questions about this pen-style vape from the well-known brand.

SMOK Stick Prince Design Review

Aesthetic Design of the SMOK Stick Prince

The SMOK brand has a tried and true aesthetic that has long been a draw for many vapers: sleek, stylish, and high-end, SMOK devices are famously well-designed. Your color options stretch across the full rainbow and beyond, with options including gold, red, camouflage, green, orange, white, and rainbow.

It is worth noting that the crystal-clear glass tank on the device is slightly wider than the body, so you’ll want to be careful of it falling onto its side – you run the risk of cracking the tank if that happens. You will notice a small rubber band included in the starter kit, which acts as an excellent shock absorber. It’s a smart design addition but doesn’t make your device completely drop-proof.  

The firing button is another noteworthy feature, crafted in an elongated hexagonal-shape that’s different from many other SMOK devices. The Stick Prince has no OLED screen, keeping the overall look attractively minimalist.

SMOK Stick Prince User Experience

User Experience of the SMOK Stick Prince

Many vapers mistakenly assume that compact vapes won’t measure up flavor or vapor-wise, but the SMOK Stick Prince defies those preconceived notions. Flavor quality is excellent, coming through with a powerful punch. Vapor production is also impressive, and you may be surprised to find that your cloud chasing experience with the Stick Prince rivals any box mod out there.

Overall, the vape experience with the Stick Prince is enjoyably hassle-free. Because it’s a pared-down device that fires at a fixed wattage, you won’t be tinkering with wattage settings (or temperature control options, for that matter). This makes it easy to enjoy a laidback vape session with absolutely zero overthinking required. Regardless, you won’t miss out on plentiful options – SMOK has included a handful of ways to finetune your vape to fit your personal preferences.

Performance of the SMOK Stick Prince

One of the major strengths of the Stick Prince is its 0.17-ohm quadruple coil heads, pushing the device well into the top ranks of high-performing vapes. The coil life is average for SMOK coils, so you won’t be burning through them at an annoying rate – which is another one of the brand’s big benefits. Expect a timeline of a week or more before any detectable change in flavor, though that can vary somewhat depending on your e-liquid of choice.

The device’s chip lets you fire at a minimum resistance of 0.1 ohms, though you always have the option of adding an RDA if you’d like to up the resistance and power output. Conversely, swapping the included coils for a SMOK option with higher ohm rating is an easy way to take your experience to a more relaxed level.

Our Final Verdict

After thoroughly enjoying the SMOK Stick Prince, the DIRECTVAPOR team has one major takeaway: SMOK has mastered the art of a compact, high-performing vape that seriously delivers. Easily portable, comfortable, and convenient, the Stick Prince provides an excellent vape that’s sure to satisfy in terms of both flavor and vapor production. In short, this pen-style vape definitely deserves all the positive attention it’s been garnering.

Get the Best Value with a SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit from DIRECTVAPOR

If this vape review has you considering adding the SMOK Stick Prince to your vape collection, DIRECTVAPOR has plenty of options to choose from. Our starter kit options include a combination that pairs the SMOK Stick Prince with a top-notch tank from the brand, the TFV12 Prince; or the SMOK Prince Baby set-up, another great choice from the Stick series. Plus, our selection of premium e-liquids has something for everyone, whether your tastes lean towards the traditional or unique.

Still not sure if the SMOK Stick Prince is the perfect match for you? DIRECTVAPOR carries the latest and greatest vapes from the industry’s top brands, so there’s no shortage of options. Our team has a true passion for vaping, which is why many of the industry’s most talked-about products have a vape product review spot on our blog. Check out our other vape reviews to learn more about the latest vape technology on the market or contact our friendly team anytime for answers to all your vape questions.

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