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Smok Resa Stick Review

One of the newest models to join the ever-growing selection of pen-style vapes, the SMOK Resa Stick is a brilliant creation by one of the top brands in the industry. Compact, eye-catching, and high-performing, the Resa Stick definitely lives up to the legacy of quality and innovation that SMOK has long held. For many vapers, choosing a super-compact device often comes with a certain amount of sacrifice in terms of performance – but the Resa Stick refuses to settle for less than perfection. You’ll be able to enjoy both convenience and high-performance, all wrapped up in the aesthetically impressive style that SMOK is so well-known for.

If you’re considering adding the SMOK Resa Stick to your collection, the reasonable price makes it a pretty guilt-free purchase. For a relatively small investment, the payoff is excellent. To give you an insider’s look at all the features the SMOK Resa Stick has to offer, the DIRECTVAPOR team took the vape pen for a spin. Here’s our honest review of the Resa Stick, covering its looks, performance, and major highlights.

Aesthetic Design of the Smok Resa

One of the unique qualities of the SMOK brand is their ability to create a series of devices that stand out without being over-the-top, balancing sleek simplicity with just the right visual accents. For the SMOK Resa Stick, the special aesthetic element comes in the form of an attractive cobra resin design. The snakeskin appearance is offered in a series of nine premium color options, and each color complements the cobra resin design perfectly to keep the overall look very high-end.

The SMOK Resa Stick is extremely compact, measuring just over 25mm in diameter. Even though it’s wonderfully lightweight, it’s also highly durable, thanks to the premium stainless-steel construction. The spring-loaded 510 connection sits flush between the base and tank, with zero visible gaps and a seamless appearance. Finally, the Resa Baby tank that’s included in the starter kit goes beyond the standard construction materials, using a stainless steel and resin combination that both looks and feels great.

Smok Resa Stick User Experience

User Experience of the Resa Stick

Despite offering high-end performance, the SMOK Resa Stick requires very little of the vaper – your vape sessions will be easy and enjoyable from start to finish. Single-button operation eliminates the hassle of complicated operation sequences, while pass-through charging capability means you won’t have to quit vaping just to recharge. SMOK’s signature safety suite is nice to have for peace of mind, so your vape experience won’t be polluted with worries about too-low resistance, short-circuiting, or other common issues.

Performance Review of the Smok Resa Stick

Don’t underestimate the Resa Stick because of its small size; it has plenty of power to fuel serious vape sessions. The device comes with SMOK’s V8 Baby-Mesh 0.15-ohm coils pre-installed, as well as the option of V8 Baby-M2 0.25-ohm coils to change up the experience. A 2000mAh internal battery keeps things running at peak power, and the direct voltage output system is designed with a “smart” mechanical style that allows up to 4.2V.

Flavor is one of the major highlights of the SMOK Resa Stick, soaring to new and delicious heights thanks to the innovative coil design. SMOK created a coil structure that uses a brilliant mesh design, maximizing surface area and heating very evenly. As a result, the Resa Stick produces a smooth, rich flavor in the form of generously-sized vapor clouds.

Should You Buy the Smok Resa Stick?

Most vapers would agree that SMOK is a brand you can count on, and the Resa Stick definitely does not disappoint. The appeal of this vape pen lies in its top-notch performance, which raises the bar for flavor quality and vapor production. In a world of vape pens of varying levels of quality, the SMOK Resa Stick is definitely among the few leading the pack. Our reviewers unanimously agreed that the Resa Stick has earned a spot as one of the top options to have recently debuted on the market, and is an excellent device that’s worth every penny.

Get Your SMOK Resa Stick Starter Kit from DIRECTVAPOR

If you’re shopping for a new pen-style vape, you should consider the SMOK Resa Stick a serious contender. At DIRECTVAPOR, we offer this premium device as part of a SMOK starter kit, so you can score a handful of great extras at a seriously low price. The kit includes the SMOK Resa Stick, perfectly paired with the SMOK Resa Baby Sub Ohm tank, two coil options, and more. It’s everything you need to massively upgrade your vape experience, without blowing up your budget. Plus, when you factor in our everyday free shipping, you’ll be saving enough money to add a few of your favorite premium e-juices to your order as well – and who doesn’t love new e-liquid?

To learn more about the newest vape products from the industry’s top brands, check out the DIRECTVAPOR blog and our 2018 Vape Guide for more product reviews and informative how-to’s. You’re always welcome to contact our friendly customer service team for answers to any vaping or product questions, so feel free to reach out anytime.

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