SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit Review

SMOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit Review - DIRECTVAPOR

In a bid to release something that will shake up the vapor industry, SMOK came out with the all-new ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit. This incredible box mod may be just what we need to completely rethink how we vape. From the colors and the design to the functions themselves, this thing is truly a part of the next generation of vaping.

We’re going to dive right in with a look at everything that the ProColor has to offer and why it should be the next big purchase on your wish list.

Exterior Features of the ProColor

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the ProColor really lives up to its name when it comes to options. There are currently 18 color variants available for this mod, including rainbow, gradients and camouflage. Even among those who offer colored vape pens, SMOK really went above and beyond here.

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You’ll also notice that the finish on the device is part of SMOK’s new coating line. It’s a nice, glossy finish that has just a bit of sparkle to it. The colors are rich and deep and not easily scratched so you don’t have to worry about how your device will look a year from now. It’ll still be gorgeous.

When you first open the box you’ll notice two things: the size and the shield. The size is almost identical to the SMOK Alien, so if you’re already familiar with SMOK products you’ll feel comfortable with those. For those who don’t have an Alien yet, you can trust that this device fits well in your hand. The edges are rounded smoothly so you can wrap your fingers around it and easily hit the long firing bar running down the side. It’s not too tall or heavy.

Now, about that shield. On one side, the shield is a classy carbon fiber accent that features the SMOK logo. On the other side, it is an LED screen. Again, if you’re familiar with the Alien, you know that SMOK has always done a great job of accenting their screens with cool bodylines and borders. This is no exception.

The shield looks great and when it lights up you’ll definitely be impressed. When the device comes to life, you’ll also notice that the gray ring around the shield lights up as well.

The screen is impeccably clear and easy to read. The user interface is well laid out with both text and visual indicators for all of your stats. You have the option to go into the menu and change the color of your text, as well as changing the color of the frame around the shield.

Once again, SMOK made it possible to choose from a dozen colors so you can light up your device however you like.

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The two adjustment buttons are nestled nicely into the bottom half of the shield, which actually makes it really easy to make adjustments without having to block the screen with your fingers.

Below the shield is your mini-USB port for charging and software updates.

Finally, at the very bottom is the sliding hinged door that conceals your battery.

MOK ProColor 225W TC Starter Kit Accessories Review - DIRECTVAPOR


ProColor Accessories

Of course, before we can talk about using your new ProColor TC Mod, we also have to talk about the accessories that come in the box. It comes with all of the standard manuals and charging cords, but it also includes a color-matched TFV8 Big Baby Tank.

The Big Baby holds up to 5 milliliters of liquid and comes in just under 25 millimeters in diameter. If you have other 25mm tanks you’ll be happy to know that they fit great on this device without any overhang.

From what we’ve seen so far, the color-match on these tanks is very close to the device itself so the whole thing looks super clean once it’s put together.

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Using the ProColor

Now that you’ve unwrapped all the extra goodies in the box, it’s time to put this thing to the test. The screen turns on, you can hit the firing button three quick times to get into the menu. The new user interface is far more intuitive than past models, so you can quickly scroll through the pages and hold the selector buttons down to make changes.

You’ll love the flow as you move from page to page and set up your device for the first time. There isn’t really any digging through menus because the screen is so large that you can just flip to the right page and everything is right there. Now is a good time to set up your lock mode and decide when the device will put itself to sleep. These are features that’ll save your battery.

For most people, vaping in the 60-to-80-watt range is pretty standard, and this device can handle that level of vaping without a problem. It is both consistent in delivery and quick to warm up. The power stayed steady as we ramped up wattage and temperature past the 200W mark, although those last 25W were a bit of a struggle.

Some people have reported that the device sends you a warning notice if you stay above 200W for too long as it starts to sense a short circuit. Stay aware of what your device is telling you. If you’ve been vaping in the 200W-plus range for a while you’ll know that this isn’t a problem solely for SMOK.

Many manufacturers have struggled to deliver consistency in the 220W range, but there is some reason to believe that future software updates will help resolve some of these issues. It’s our job to push these devices to their limits to see what they do, but for the average vaper there’s plenty to love.

With all that said, we were more than impressed with what this device delivers when you’re using it in a normal capacity. The Big Baby tank has gotten plenty of love since it was first released, and it continues to live up to its reputation when paired with this device.

The setup process is pretty straightforward and smooth compared to most other TC mods and makes it easy to identify your ideal vaping configuration in less time. The memory mode makes it easy to save your favorite settings and come back to them later.

Here at DIRECTVAPOR we’re excited to have the SMOK ProColor Kit in stock and offer you this SMOK ProColor 225W TC review so you can see for yourself what’s new. If you’ve been searching for a device that makes temperature control vaping more enjoyable and easier to manage, this is it. This is also a great device if you love personalization features and playing with colorful accessories.

As always, SMOK supports their devices with plenty of firmware updates so it is easy to see that they will be making further advancements to this device as it rolls out, and they’ve already started releasing special new colors – as if 18 wasn’t enough to choose from.

Remember, DIRECTVAPOR offers all of our devices with the No Clone Zone guarantee so you can be sure that you are getting authentic products from your favorite brands every single time.

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