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Smok Novo 2 Vape Pod Kit Review

Here at DirectVapor, we are proud to introduce an incredible new addition to the pod mod vaping scene: The SMOK NOVO 2. The NOVO 2 stands out as an innovative and powerful vape device that is intended to exceed your every expectation. From convenience to vapor production, from rich flavor to numerous coil options, the NOVO 2 is a dream come true. Read on to discover more about this revolution in vaping technology!

When it comes to creating high-quality pod systems, nobody has managed to cultivate such an outstanding reputation like SMOK. With the NOVO 2, we had to ask if it really measured up to expectations, and honestly? We were totally impressed! From the very start we could tell we would like this. The NOVO 2 keeps things similar in overall look to that of the NOVO, and it incorporates several design choices that enhance its attractiveness. Stylish resin panels and a slim design are holdovers from the NOVO that still manage to delight us. The familiar look of the mouthpiece is back, and the shape makes enjoying a puff that much easier. It’s an iconic style, and there’s little reason to deviate from something both functional and elegant. Combined with a pretty minimal 43 grams of weight and overall well-balanced feel, we really think this makes for a comfortable, easy to hold device.

It’s not just a new coat of paint, however. The NOVO 2 offers improved internals that make for a more robust device. Its unique internal structure is designed specifically around improving airflow and vapor production. Most notable for newcomers is the integrated 800 mAh rechargeable battery. You can enjoy top-quality vaping for days, and the NOVO 2 is easily charged with the included microUSB cable. MicroUSB cables are pretty standard these days for charging integrated batteries, so if you lose one a replacement is easy to get pretty much anywhere. However, you shouldn’t have any issues with battery maintenance as an LED indicator light on the body of the device will change color depending on the battery’s remaining charge. Topping it off, the NOVO 2 runs at a maximum output of 25W, which makes for a solid vape experience whether you’re after bigger clouds or more intense flavor.

The NOVO 2 device of course uses the NOVO pod family. We think it goes without saying that we’re a fan of the iconic, draw-activated pods. 2 ml is a pretty decent amount of e-liquid to enjoy given the overall size of the NOVO 2, and the best part? The pods offer a solid variety of coil and resistance options. You can add different e-liquids to different pods to get the most of out of each juice, or just compare and contrast with one e-liquid. It allows for a more customizable vaping experience and we’re 100% on board with it. While other pods allow for more individual coil adjustment, we’re still happier to go with the more user-friendly approach SMOK has taken here.

The general theme of the NOVO 2 has so far been about taking what worked for the NOVO, and finding the right way to expand on it, in a way that fits more with what vapers want these days. The NOVO 2 has been designed to be more capable of meeting your vaping needs, and ensuring you don’t lose out on what you enjoy the most. As part of that, they’ve developed a unique airflow structure to ensure more efficient vaporization. The U-shaped air-intake passage is matched with a precise air-sensing switch, in order to reduce overall loss of juice. It’s a subtle change, but it shows the level of craftsmanship that went in to the NOVO 2.

The NOVO 2 shouldn’t be treated as simple a sequel in the NOVO line. It really stands out as unique, advanced vape pod system that manages to innovate in all the right ways. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or flavor enthusiast, the NOVO 2 offers a solid setup for enjoying your vape session on your terms. And frankly, that’s exactly what we plan to do. For all things vapor, with a huge selection at low prices, head on over to today!

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