Smok H-Priv Starter Kit Review

Many vapers have been eagerly awaiting SMOK’s follow-up to the beloved X-Cube 2, hypothesizing about everything from the potential design to the endless possibilities of the brand’s latest and greatest features. The arrival of the SMOK H-Priv has entered the vape scene with a considerable amount of vaper expectations to live up to, and one thing can be sure: it does not disappoint. Whether your vaping priorities lean towards performance, ease of use, or style – or more likely, some combination of the three – the SMOK H-Priv lives up to the brand’s impeccable reputation.

Here’s a SMOK H-Priv review packed with everything you need to know about this impressive new mod option:

Aesthetic Design of the Smok H-Priv

For some vapers, the beauty of any given vape device is more than skin deep – but that doesn’t mean a clunky, unattractive mod is what anybody wants. Luckily, the SMOK H-Priv combines both form and function. We’ve written many a vape review that had to knock off general points for bulky or outdated designs, but the SMOK H-Priv is an eye-catching mod that hits the mark aesthetically.

Each of the color scheme options is striking, incorporating high-contrast shades like black, white, silver, and red for a timeless look. Even the firing button fits into the overall color palette, crafted in a bright red that complements every one of the color scheme options. The overall design is lightweight and slightly smaller than many other dual-18650 mods on the market, giving it a sleek and almost minimalistic look. Zinc alloy construction and rounded edges lend a high-end feel to the H-Priv, while the red battery cover adds an attractive pop of color.

The Smok H-Priv User Experience

Whether you’re a new or veteran vaper, odds are you’re looking for a mod that can provide an enjoyable, hassle-free vape experience. The H-Priv has proved to be a unique mod to run through a vape product review, with a few key differences from many other mods out there. The first is its top-mounted display, sized generously and with options for adjusting brightness, contrast, and even shut-off time. The screen display is easy to read, making it incredibly convenient to check in with your device mid-vape, with just a single glance.

A device’s buttons are another deceivingly simple feature – sticky, hard-to-manage buttons can ruin a perfectly good vape session. However, the H-Priv comes with high-quality buttons that maintain functionality under any conditions, which is a significant plus. The red firing button is a simple design choice with a significant impact, making navigation incredibly simple.

Navigating the mod’s menu is straightforward, which most vapers appreciate. Instead of wasting time scrolling through an endless maze of options and settings, you’ll find that the set-up is relatively intuitive and easy to manage. Five quick presses of the firing bar power up the device, while three clicks open up the settings menu. From there, you have access to a series of operation modes, the puff counter, resistance settings, and more.

Smok H-Priv Performance

Performance of the H-Priv

The SMOK H-Priv provides a range of features that allow you to customize your vape experience, with a chip that can store up to 16 different settings – ideal if you like to switch up your build or tank on a regular basis. Even if you don’t currently experiment with different set-ups, this feature opens the door for plenty of fun in the future. The mod’s temperature control feature works well and is compatible with titanium, nickel, and stainless-steel wires (both single and dual coil).

TCR values for your chosen wire type are easily adjustable, and both wattage and temperature control modes allow for a range of outputs including maximum, minimum, hard, soft, and normal. These modes are part of SMOK’s signature Special Draw Effects, popular for their ability to simplify your vape experience. Power-wise, having 220 watts at your disposal is more than enough for most vapers. You’ll have the power you need to create impressive clouds with little to no effort on your part, with the option to take it down a few notches depending on your personal preferences.

Final Verdict

Final Verdict

Our overall verdict on the SMOK H-Priv is that it’s an excellent option for vapers at any level, and a versatile mod that will satisfy a range of vape styles and preferences. Notably sleek and stylish, the H-Priv has smart features like a top-mounted OLED screen and easy-to-use firing button – details that may seem small but contribute to a top-notch vape experience. Whether you’re a longtime SMOK brand devotee or looking to make the switch, odds are you’ll find the H-Priv a worthy contender.

Upgrade to the SMOK H-Priv Today

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