SMOK G-Priv 2 Review

Whether its extensive experience or astronomically high expectations that have brought you to the high-performance vape mod game, looking for a vape that’s a cut above can be an interesting challenge. For quite some time, SMOK has been known as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advanced technology and high-performance vapes. Among the brand’s newest releases is the G-Priv series, a touchscreen mod that’s already earned glowing reviews from many in the vaping community. It promises a high-powered vape with all the bells and whistles, all wrapped up in SMOK’s signature design – sleek and stylish.

The team at DIRECTVAPOR is nothing if not passionate about vaping, so it wasn’t hard to find the time to test the G-Priv out for ourselves. Here are our thoughts on this impressive mod, to help you decide if the G-Priv should be the next addition to your collection.

G Priv Aesthetic Design

Aesthetic Design of the Smok G-Priv

Right off the bat, one of the most noticeable features of the G-Priv’s aesthetic design is the large touchscreen. It measures 2.4 inches and lends a high-tech, almost futuristic look to the mod, complemented nicely by carbon fiber material accents and a zinc alloy body. True to SMOK’s stylistic approach, you have plenty of color options for the G-Priv. Plus, there are variations within the series like the Luxe edition or compact Baby Luxe, which offer other choices that may fit your specifications.

The SMOK G-Priv measures 85mm by 58.5mm by 22mm, coming in fairly average among dual-battery box mods. You will notice that the body is slightly thicker than other options on the market, and the device weighs a bit more (about 292 grams with its two 18650 batteries).

The body of the mod is primarily zinc alloy, which is great for durability. The battery cover is carbon fiber material and does an impressive job of deterring scratches or dings – plus it has a high-end look. On the touchscreen, shatter-resistant, shock-proof glass is used, helping you avoid damage when you inevitably drop your mod.

G Priv User Experience

User Experience of the Smok G-Priv

Instead of a firing button, the G-Priv has a firing bar, which many vapers prefer for an easier overall experience. There aren’t any wattage or temperature control adjustment buttons, because you’ll access all that via the touchscreen. However, there is a very small button right above the firing bar, connected to one of the smartest features of the G-Priv – the lock feature. This lock button allows you to turn off the display for stealthier vaping or lock the touchscreen to avoid accidentally messing with your settings mid-vape. It may seem like a simple feature, but it actually contributes significantly to the overall experience, allowing you to vape without worrying about the screen.

Features-wise, the G-Priv stays true to SMOK’s signature selection, but you’ll enjoy a new level of convenience as you access all your options using the touchscreen. Navigation is fairly straightforward, and the home screen displays all your pertinent vape information.

G Priv Performance

Performance of the Smok G-Priv

SMOK knocked it out of the park in terms of performance, which is likely no surprise to those familiar with the brand. The G-Priv is extremely responsive, and a high-power output allows you to get creative with your coil builds. Flavor quality is unmatched, with the device producing substantial clouds that stay true to the intended taste of your favorite vape juice.

Temperature control and wattage mods perform flawlessly, and you’ll enjoy an exquisite vape experience without the annoyance of misfires, weak/too-cool vapes, or firing delays. For advanced vapers, having access to TCR adjustments will be another big benefit of the G-Priv, setting it apart from many of its competitors.

Our Final Verdict

Typically, any device by SMOK earns a considerable amount of positive attention – but the G-Priv stands out more than most. Whether it’s the tech-savvy touchscreen, the ability to calibrate a wide range of settings, or the stylish design that first catches your attention, odds are that you’ll be pleasantly satisfied by the G-Priv’s ability to perform beyond expectations. It’s an excellent option for vapers who want a carefully customized vape experience in a smart, sleek package.

Experience the SMOK G-Priv with DIRECTVAPOR

If your interest in the SMOK G-Priv is at an all-time high after reading this vape review, DIRECTVAPOR has plenty of options for getting your hands on this top-notch vaporizer. Consider the G-Priv Luxe Edition starter kit if you’re ready for a serious vape upgrade or check out the G-Priv Baby Luxe for a slightly more compact but equally impressive option – you can’t really go wrong with anything from SMOK’s G-Priv series. Don’t forget to add a few new e-juices to try with your new vape set-up, so you can truly enjoy the flavor potential offered by SMOK’s G-Priv vapes.

Considering other vaporizer or product options? Look for a vape product review on our blog for items on your must-have list to learn more about the pros and cons of the latest and greatest arrivals to the market. In addition to this SMOK G-Priv review, you’ll find a host of other product reviews for vapes from the top brands in the industry.


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