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Smok Fit Review – Ultra Portable Vape Pod System

Every vaper should have an ultra-portable vape device in their arsenal, particularly if on-the-go vape sessions are a regular occurrence. As enjoyable as high-powered, maximalist-style mods can be, sometimes you just want something that’s both incredibly convenient and remarkably satisfying. Enter the SMOK Fit, the popular brand’s latest venture in the ultra-portable market. The device uses a pod-based system, one that’s been growing in popularity for its ease of use.

Whether you’re a pod system loyalist or just considering making the switch, the SMOK Fit is likely one that’s on your interest list. Here’s a SMOK Fit review that gives you a detailed rundown of everything you want to know about the device, from its look and style to its performance.

Smok Fit Design

Aesthetic Design of the SMOK Fit

The SMOK Fit is slim, impressively compact, and beautifully designed with a minimalistic approach. The no-frills look is sleek rather than plain, and the pen style is designed for comfortable vaping and easy transport. Don’t let the small size fool you, though; the Fit is surprisingly durable and has a good, solid feel. A high-grade aluminum alloy ensures it will stand up to the wear and tear of regular use, and you might be surprised to find that despite its affordable price point, the Fit has top-notch construction quality.

The finish and texture of the device is also something worth noting, giving it a high-end look and making it easy to grip. You can choose from three color options (gunmetal gray, red, and blue). Another element of the Fit’s design that sets it apart from many other ultra-portable options is its lack of buttons. The uninterrupted surface of the device contains just a single LED indicator light and a micro USB port on the bottom, further contributing to the sleek look of the Fit.

Smok Fit User Experience

User Experience of the SMOK Fit

Pod-based, ultra-portable vapes are generally ideal for the vaper who wants convenience and affordability, and many options on today’s market tend to fall short when it comes to ease of use. However, unlike many of its competitors, the SMOK Fit eliminates the hassle of running out of pods – it utilizes completely a reusable, refillable pod/cartridge system.

While this may seem like an obvious design choice, a surprising number of pod-based systems require you to purchase new pods every time you run out of liquid. So, being able to easily refill the Fit is a huge win for SMOK that has a big impact on the user experience. You’ll have 2mL of juice capacity to enjoy before its time to refill with your e-liquid of choice, which is plenty for a satisfying session. When it is time to top off the pod, the integrated port and silicone stopper make the process a breeze and leaks a thing of the past.

The automatic draw style is another plus in the ease of use category. Charging is quick and easy with the micro USB port, and the device also has ample battery life and the option for pass-through charging. Additionally, SMOK’s signature safety features like an 8-second cut-off, low voltage protection, and short circuit protection keep you and the device safe and happy.

Performance of the SMOK Fit

Another popular complaint about ultra-portable devices, particularly those using a micro-coil set-up, is that flavor leaves something to be desired. However, despite using a standard cotton wick and micro-coil set-up (as well as a relatively small inhalation tube and expansion chamber), the SMOK Fit provides exquisite flavor quality that leaves competitors in the dust. In addition to unbeatable flavor reproduction, the Fit also has superior cloud production – a definite win across the board.

Our Final Verdict

When it comes to ultra-portable pod-based devices, the SMOK Fit is a serious frontrunner. It defies many of the preconceived notions about this category of device, managing to succeed when it comes to convenience, value, and performance. With its highly affordable price point, the Fit is an excellent choice for vapers looking to try something new – or just add a high-quality option to their collection of ultra-portable vapes.

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