Vape Skins and Sleeves for Your Mod

Let’s talk about vape mod skins and sleeves. While they seem similar in appearance, these two exterior vape shields actually perform two very different functions. You’ve probably noticed that some mods look incredible, and bear unusual designs not seen everyday. Sure, they could be stylish limited edition mods, or these motifs are the result of vape skins or sleeves. Keep reading to learn more about how they work, and why you may want to consider donning your mod in one!

What’s The Skinny?

Skins serve the purpose of looking awesome, while sleeves are made to protect the actual device by being a literal second skin with some padding in there. Sleeves are made of rubber or silicone, and they slip over the device perfectly, with accents and holes purposely designed to fit the buttons of the mod. However, just because they are utilitarian in that they perform a job, vape sleeves are often anything but boring. They often come in different colors and styles, offering the ability to change the look of your device easily. Typically thick in construction, they provide great protection.

Typically, mod skins and sleeves will be made specifically for specific devices, due to the unique specifications of so many devices out there, so when purchasing, make sure you’re purchasing the right items to fit the needs, and specs of your mod.

Skins, on the other hand, are very different from sleeves. Made for specific devices, they simply offer the option of jazzing up the look of your device. They will not fit entirely over the mod, and they will not interfere with the performance in any way, as they serve only as decor. They are not bulky, nor will they get in the way of proper air venting. Skins will only protect your device from the most minor scratches and minimal exterior wear; so don’t expect any heavy duty protection.

Great for aesthetics, useful for protection, and all about keeping your mod looking sharp, skins and sleeves make a mod look great, and offer the option to change things up a bit when you get sick of the basics. If you want a quick change of appearance, go for a skin and accessorize to your heart’s content. If you’re aiming for some protection for your device, you totally need a sleeve on your mod!


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