Sigelei Kaos Spectrum MOD Review

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W TC The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum is a colorful new device that is bursting onto the vape market. It features a clever LED side-panel design with an incredible 230-watt top power rating, setting it above even some of the most popular designs.The best part? It comes at a price of just $59.95, making it super competitive and affordable for nearly anyone. Here’s what we love about the Kaos Spectrum:

The Power

Hardcore vapers are always looking for something bigger and badder than the last device they picked up. Sigelei raised the bar with the Kaos Spectrum, taking us up to 230W. This includes a temperature-control range of 200 to 570 degrees Fahrenheit and a 35-amp max output. Dollar for dollar, this is more power than you will find anywhere else at a price like this. This device has some serious potential for cloud chasers and those who really want to test their liquids at extreme temperatures. It also has the potential of being a great upgrade option for those who are looking to go from a vape pen to a TC mod without spending a ton.

The Style

Along the side of the device you will notice an opaque white band that whimsically sweeps around the screen and buttons. What you may not know is that this unassuming aesthetic feature is actually an LED light that allows you to choose from six different color options to drastically change the look of your device from one moment to the next. This is a neat, little personalization feature that adds some flare where other manufacturers have stuck to post-modern colors. The front face of the device features an oversized firing button that is contoured to match the rounded edge of the device so your hand will rest across the button comfortably.

The Screen

Sigelei didn’t cut any corners on its screen design. The display features a multitude of important tidbits about your vaping device and habits, such as:
  • Wattage
  • Battery life
  • Ohms
  • Amps
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
It is super easy to navigate through your menu with big, round buttons to either side. In addition, Sigelei stepped out from the crowd by making the display multi-color. This makes it super easy to read without all the little numbers blurring together. Plus, the screen itself is an impressive 0.96 inches across, so there is plenty of room on the display without overcrowding.

The Batteries

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W TC The Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Vape Mod uses two 18650 batteries like most other high-powered devices. Of course, they are not included in the box, so you will have to bring your own to the party. However, Sigelei made sure to incorporate an on-board charger that can be used to charge both batteries quickly without creating any imbalances in power. This is a nice feature if you don’t want to lug around spare batteries or a standalone charger. The battery compartment itself has a secure little latch that keeps your batteries safe and doesn’t risk coming loose like some of the magnetic doors out there.

The Extras

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W TC The Kaos is a temp-control MOD that supports both stainless steel and titanium coils. It also includes a temperature coefficient of resistance feature that allows you to laser-focus your vapor settings even further than regular TC mode. If you’re trying to nail down the perfect vape, this is a great way to experiment and get even closer to heavenly performance.

The Construction

The Kaos Spectrum is an incredibly durable device. Made of zinc alloy, it is very lightweight, but obviously built to last. The outer coating is scratch-resistant and feels nice in the hand. Again, the battery latch is a nice feature that keeps your device secure and free from getting caught on anything. The port near the bottom of the device is conveniently located for charging or updates.

Time to Order with DIRECTVAPOR

If you’re looking for another device to conquer on the high-power end of things, the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum is an awesome pick and you can already order your device from DIRECTVAPOR, your trusted Sigelei retailer. This item is already getting a ton of attention from eager vapers waiting to pounce on it, so you should make sure to get yours before the first batch sells out! The Kaos Spectrum is an awesome device that brings together high-tech features with mid-range pricing. It will be great for anyone who loves TC vaping, but it will also make a great gift for anyone who is curious about trying temperature control but is weary of the price. Plus, the colorful, fun display makes it a natural choice for anyone who loves to have a device that stands out from the crowd.  And when you buy from DIRECTVAPOR, you get free shipping with no minimum order.

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