Product Review – SX Mini G Class

SX Mini G Class
A whole new kind of mini was just released with the backing of the powerful Yihi SX550J chipset. Few other brands place so much emphasis on the internal capabilities of their vaporizers as this one, but the new SX Mini G-Class proves that Yihi is a dominating force once more.

Not only can you bet on it being a great performer during vape sessions, the SX Mini G-Class also takes body style in a whole new direction with a case that stands out on an executive level.

The Body

Black Leather
The first thing you’ll notice is how enticingly small this mod is. Even compared to other minis out there, this one cuts a trim figure. Like most other minis, it doesn’t have that boxy, edgy design. The mini looks better with lots of curves and a smooth face. Perhaps the most unusual part of this design is that the mod is designed wider than it is deep, so you actually hold it horizontally when you vape.

You’ll notice that the large hexagonal firing button is on the wider side of the body, just above the screen. This is an arrangement that would be nearly impossible to grapple with on a full-size box mod, but on the Mini G-Class it is comfortable and easy to handle.

As for design, the G-Class features colored side panels around the corners that frame in the screen and buttons on the front face. You can choose from a rich, textured coffee color, a solid black finish or a carbon-fiber mesh inset depending on your tastes. Effectively, this device is equally at home in the corporate boardroom or at the Ferrari dealership.

Next you’ll notice the large square screen. Despite the overall size of the Mini G-Class, the screen is incredibly large and clear. It also happens to be one of the few full-color screens on the market. You can choose a colorful background and enjoy a variety of different fonts, display icons and more.

You’ll find a tiny silver ball placed just below the screen. This is the joystick you will use to control the device. This is an innovative solution that is a step up from having +/- buttons jutting out from your box. It’s sleek and super-sensitive so a tiny flick of your finger can get you scrolling through menus, adjusting your temperature and vaping away.


Control Screen
Naturally you’re curious what a tiny device like the Mini G-Class is really capable of. You may be amazed to learn that this thing is rated for 200 watts and 50A output. It can move between 212 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit, and handles all of your favorite coil types with ease.

It also has a variety of “flavor modes” so you can change the ramp-up of your hit to bring out all the layers in your e-juice. You can also choose eco-mode to preserve battery life as you vape. Plus, it looks like you will have five presets that you can program yourself, a feature that seems to come and go from many high-end models, but is always welcome.

You can control all of this through the handy screen and joystick, or you can take advantage of the Bluetooth 4.0 setup and use a mobile app on your phone to make adjustments and learn more about your past vaping sessions. Even some full-size boxes are still lacking this technology.

To power this thing up you’ll need to purchase two 18650s on your own. However, it’s frankly amazing that such a tiny box is capable of holding two batteries and offers the interchange option proving that it’s here to play with the big boys, not just other minis.

Once it’s charged up and ready to go, you’ll find that this is one of the most versatile vapes around. Two hundred watts is more than enough for the average vaper to enjoy, and the flavor mode adjustments allow you to really drill down into the experience and personalize it just right.

The tiny frame of this device definitely doesn’t keep it from producing huge clouds that will fill up your room. The screen provides plenty of feedback about your vaping and battery condition as you go so you can adjust slowly until you find the perfect balance.

Pick One Up! 

When this device was first announced, early estimates placed the price in the $300 range! Fortunately, by the time the real deal was here, the price had dropped to $220. That may be a hefty investment to make in a mini device, but by all accounts the SX Mini G-Class will pay you back 10 times over.

In portability and performance alone, you get your money’s worth, and the durable feel of this device promises that it will outlive everything else in your collection with style and class. Buy it from DIRECTVAPOR and enjoy our 60-day warranty.

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