SMOK GX350 Starter Kit Review

SMOK GX350 350W TC

UPDATED: 7/24/2017 with Post-Launch Review

The awesomely powerful, new SMOK GX350 is pushing the vapor industry along by leaps and bounds. At an incredible 350 watts, it blows the competition out of the water. Longtime vapers who are looking for their next adrenaline rush will love what the GX350 has in store.

Where Does All That Power Come From in the Smok GX350?

For most of the last two years, vapor companies have been squeezing out more power a little at a time, first at the 200-watt milestone, and then slowly moving up to 225 watts and 230 watts. By comparison, this 350-watt behemoth is an unprecedented advance in power production that came out of nowhere.

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So how did they do it? With a little creative engineering and some extra batteries, that’s how. Hidden within the sleek diamond shape of the body is a huge battery compartment with room for four – yes, four – 18650 batteries. That means you’re going to have to pick up a few extra sets of batteries to keep this bad boy running at full capacity.

Obviously, doubling up on batteries has some interesting side effects for the GX350. The device is significantly heavier in your hand than other devices of this size. SMOK did a great job of giving the device comfortable contours so its bulkiness is well-disguised, and it still fits in your palm without too much trouble.

Load Up the GX350 With Options

SMOK GX350 350W TC
If you’re a little put off by the idea of doubling up on your normal battery consumption for this device, don’t be. SMOK uses innovative new technology that allows you to turn this device into a dual-battery vape. Just take the two extra batteries out and your vaporizer will still rock and roll at an impressive 220 watts. This is a great feature if you’re on the go and don’t need the full 350-watt capacity for casual vaping.

When you’re ready to turn things up, just put the two extra batteries back in and vape away.

The SMOK GX350 also pushes the limits when it comes to variable wattage and sub-ohm vaping. With a minimum resistance of 0.06 ohms, you can take this baby way down with your favorite RDA and produce massive clouds. On the other hand, the variable-wattage mode allows you to drop all the way down to six watts. Talk about range!

SMOK also makes sure to include plenty of other options for changing the feel of your vape with a soft, medium and hard adjustment that affects how the vape ramps up as you draw. This feature is becoming more popular with high-powered vapes because it lets you enjoy the full 350-watt range without being blown away by a hard hit up front.

Fall in Love with the Body

Red Option for SMOK GX350

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The best part of the SMOK GX350 is that they don’t leave anything out when it came to the gorgeous body of this monster. It comes in four colors, including a sultry red, a snazzy purple and an in-your-face gold. The sides are wrapped with a textured, rubberized grip that feels great in your hand.

In addition, SMOK does away with the traditional firing button, as well as the idea of a firing bar. Instead, the whole front panel of the device acts as your firing mechanism. You literally just squeeze the device and it fires with ease. The whole action is hardly perceptible and makes it comfortable for anyone to use.

To keep the body lines of the GX350 smooth and undisturbed, SMOK puts the LED screen on top of the device instead. There is plenty of real estate on top of the box to make room for the large screen, and it is super easy to read while you’re in the act of vaping.

A Bag Full of Goodies

The SMOK GX350 starter kit comes with a matching TFV8 Cloud Beast tank, which offers an incredible six-milliliter capacity. If you’ve never used the Cloud Beast before, you’re in for a treat. Plus, it looks great sitting on top of the device, cutting a slim figure against the wide body.

The kit also includes a V8-T8 Octuple coil head that is an incredible way to begin your journey with this device. Or you can go for the V8-Q4 quadruple coil head. Either way you’re sure to be amazed by the smooth, full draw you get.

To be sure, other manufacturers will soon be hot on the trail of the GX350, trying to push out competitive devices in this range. However, even those who have announced a 300-watt device do not seem to have the same visual appeal as the GX350.

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All the Firmware You Could Ever Want – Post Launch Review

The Kit

Part of the allure of the SMOK GX350 is the fact that it can be updated easily thanks to manufacturer firmware upgrades. This feature alone makes the GX350 a highly sought after device because there is so much unharnessed power already there.

Essentially, the GX350 already has twice as much power as most other high end vaporizers on the market, but most of the features are the same as the lower powered devices. This means there’s a whole lot of room for the SMOK team to work with when developing new features through the software.

Getting to the SMOK GX350 Update Firmware page is very simple. The SMOK website is extremely user friendly so you can go straight to their support tab and click on upgrades. There is a full list of update tools that you can download instantly. Each update tool is matched to a specific device so once you download it; you will always be able to check for new SMOK GX350 firmware updates through that application.

So far there has not been word on when the first major update will be released, but many vapers are already waiting for the opportunity to pounce on the new firmware and discover new features. After talking to users of the GX350 since its release, it seems that everyone is hoping that new firmware will help extend the battery life of the device, and maybe increase the accuracy of the automatic ohm readings for smoother functionality.

Convenience Features of the Smok GX350

The GX350 is a suitably complex device for its size and power. In fact, the user manual is one of the most important tools you have available to you to discover all of the features of this device because you could spend days sorting through menus to check out all the nooks and crannies.

On the plus side, SMOK was kind enough to provide us with some handy convenience features like shortcuts so you don’t have to dig through the menu every time you want to make a slight change. For instance, hitting the firing button and the up key at the same time allows you to jump straight to the vaping effects menu, while the firing button and the down key together take you to the working mode menu. These are nice features that make it easier for you to navigate your device on the go.

Aside from those handy tools, SMOK was also sure to include plenty of battery saving features in the GX350 as well. You can modify everything from the screen direction to the brightness and more. Reducing the brightness of your screen will reduce your battery drain significantly. You can also adjust the sleep timer on your device for how long the screen stays on before going to sleep. The less time your screen stays lit up, the longer range you will have on one set of batteries.

If you’re into counting your puffs, the GX350 has an interesting puff counter feature. Not only does it count the number of puffs you’ve taken, but it can also act as a limiter. You can set a maximum number of puffs for a session and it will alert you when you have reached that number. Perhaps the next SMOK GX350 update firmware will build upon this feature and turn it into a really great tool like other devices that measure the length of your puffs and more.

Real Life Advice

In reality, it is unlikely that you will ever truly need to use all 350W of the GX350. It is definitely fun to play with and show off, but it is not necessarily practical for day to day vaping. Not only is vaping at 350W hard on your batteries, it also tends to be hard on your coils and your body. You are far more likely to be vaping in the 80W range most of the time, with a few visits above 300W here and there. At 75-80W, you can bet that those two extra batteries really come in handy and make it seem like you have unlimited life in your device.

You’ll notice that the GX350 uses battery sleeves to line up all of the batteries in the correct place. The sleeves are optional, but they do play an important role in making sure that all of the batteries have and maintain good contact. If you decide to remove the sleeves and use just your regular batteries, you may find that the batteries do not drain evenly, which can cause a loss of power. This is another area where SMOK GX350 update firmware may come in handy in the future, if they are able to show you more information about how all four of your batteries are working together, or if one of them is not draining evenly compared to the others.

Given its size and power capacity, it is still far more comfortable in the hand than many of the 200-watt-plus vapes currently on the market. If you want the absolute bleeding edge of vape world, this is it. Buy it with complete confidence from DIRECTVAPOR with our low-price guarantee.

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