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nu-x CBD now at Direct Vapor

We are excited to announce the introduction of the nu-x line of CBD tinctures, concentrates, and e-liquids here on DirectVapor! With nu-x, you’re not getting “just another” CBD manufacturer. Their guiding principle with everything they offer is “pure by nature” – a belief in only providing the most high-quality CBD.

By using 100% organic hemp source material, such as in their selection of tinctures and concentrates, nu-x stays focused on providing you with only premium CBD. Their line of CBD e-liquids are made more special thanks to their incredible flavor, as nu-x has carefully crafted a variety of flavor profiles designed to enhance your enjoyment of high-grade CBD that’s built to be vape-friendly.

Terra CBD Concentrate by Nu-X

Cirrus CBD Vape Juice by Nu-X

Glacier CBD Tincture by Nu-X

DirectVapor carrying nu-x is exciting news, but we understand that even if you’re pretty up-to-date on the CBD industry, that nu-x’s relatively new status may have kept them below your radar. Read on, and discover what makes nu-x a revolution in the CBD industry, and why you should be taking notice!

As with all ahead-of-their-time innovations, nu-x began with a vision. A vision for a world where high-quality CBD products are easily and readily available for responsible adult consumers to enjoy. With the desire to enact their vision, nu-x began to work on making their dream into a reality. They conducted extensive research into all aspects of CBD — the science behind the molecule itself, what consumers are looking for in their CBD, the most sustainable, effective and environmentally-friendly methods for extraction, and more.

The result of their hard work has been their line of CBD products that feature a level of quality rarely seen in theirs, or any, industry. The developers at nu-x knew that no time or effort was worth sparing in their pursuit of crafting top-grade CBD, but also were aware that consumers would naturally be skeptical of both CBD and the emergent nu-x brand. That’s why nu-x has been upfront with their total commitment to accuracy, transparency, and consistency. These three ideas are the key principles through which nu-x creates their premium CBD products.

Not only does keeping to these ideals result in a superior-quality product, but they also help set what nu-x considers to be the “right” standard for the CBD industry as a whole!When it comes to talking about concepts like accuracy, quality, transparency, and consistency, it sounds good on the surface, but what does that actually mean for you, the consumer? In fact, it means lots and lots of testing! With nu-x, they aren’t satisfied with simply believing their products are of superior quality – they want analysis and testing done until it is plain for everyone to see!

In order to get certified proof of their product’s quality, nu-x starts with their specialized in-house procedures, making sure that every step of their tightly-controlled production processes are monitored and tested to ensure they exceed industry best practices for quality manufacturing. Once they’ve developed their unique product, it’s sent to independent, third-party laboratories for chemical analysis. Only then, after the submitted sample receives a clean Certificate of Analysis, can the final product be enjoyed by the consumer with full peace of mind. Once you’ve received your nu-x CBD products, you’ll be able to see clearly on the label the perfect example of nu-x’s commitment to accuracy and transparency. Displayed on the label is the total amount of CBD in the bottle, and while some manufacturers are willing to “fudge the numbers,” the CBD content you see on the label is easy to verify just by looking up the Certificate of Analysis right on the product’s page on our site!

nu-x knows that you work hard for your money, and don’t have time to waste with inferior products from shady manufacturers. They want you to know that you’re getting exactly, if not more, than what you paid for! nu-x promises that their CBD products may contain slightly more, but never less than, the advertised CBD content on the label. Because when it comes down to it, by taking the time and effort to craft a superior CBD product, nu-x ensures that they live up to that final key ideal: consistency. Having a reliable product from a trustworthy brand is the ultimate goal, because it means that you can be safe in the knowledge when shopping nu-x CBD, you’ll receive exactly what you expect.

Here at DirectVapor your satisfaction is paramount. Our decision to add nu-x’s stunning products to our incredible catalog of CBD products is because we believe in their methods, practices, and consumer-first approach to consistency and transparency. We are excited to provide this innovative, quality-driven brand to you – and believe that you’ll be just as excited to try them! Ready for the CBD revolution? Then make your way to DirectVapor and browse our selection of nu-x’s premium CBD products today!

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