Next Mind CT1 Review

Could This Be The Perfect Vape Pod?

Next Mind may be a name that isn’t terribly well known in the vaping industry… yet.  The benefit to existing in relative anonymity within an industry is the ability to quietly watch and wait while more prominent names release a multitude of variations of the “device du jour” – and most importantly, learn from their mistakes.  It certainly seems like Next Mind had been taking notes on where others missed the mark with their pod-based, ultra-portable product releases, as the spec sheet for their intriguing CT1 device reads like a detailed wish list from a vaper perpetually on the move.

The CT1 makes a great initial impression with modern, secure, and appealing packaging design; it feels like much thought and consideration was invested into the end-user experience and from what I’ve seen, this bodes well for the user experience of the device as a whole.  Once opened, you are presented with an informative, clearly worded, and nicely designed Quick Start Guide. I followed the five easy steps outlined in the guide and was successful in getting my CT1 set up in well under five minutes. So far, I’m liking where this is going.

Underneath the guide, you’ll find the CT1 device, an unfilled detachable tank with a lockable tank seal attached (handy for keeping other tanks filled with various liquids), two coils in 1.0 and 1.2 ohms, a comprehensive user manual, a Micro USB charging cable, a quality control certificate, and warranty card.

At this point, I just need to mention that I’m excited about this device.  I’ve spent considerable time with a majority of the systems available in this form factor and found, to a lesser or greater degree, that one thing or another just didn’t match up with my particular needs.  I’m optimistic and enthusiastic that the CT1 may just be the “perfect” pod for me. Taking in the CT1’s sleek lines and modern jet black aesthetic (these also come in blue, but, I chose the black model as I think it better suits my overall style), I’m immediately impressed at the balance that has been struck between “really cool looking device” and “no-nonsense streamlined functionality”.  So far, we’ve got clear instructions, easy setup, and good looks – check, check, and check. Let’s get into the meat of the CT1 and see if it can keep this overwhelmingly positive ball rolling.

Design and Build Quality of the Next Mind CT1

On picking up the device, I was expecting it to feel extremely lightweight like a majority of the competing systems of this size. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised that, although certainly light, the CT1 feels solid.  It feels like no space was wasted inside of its tiny chassis. It feels dense. It feels good. If I’m forced to find a gripe about the CT1’s physical design, I’m gonna have to go with the glossy finish. No two ways about it, it’s a fingerprint magnet.  Though by no means a deal breaker, I personally am not a fan of glossy finishes for this very reason and have the same complaint about a number of (much, much more expensive) devices on the market from smartphones to laptops. I prefer a smooth matte texture with all of its fingerprint-resistant qualities, that said, it’s really only the lower 2/3rds of the device that suffer from this finish. The top 1/3rd of the CT1, mostly the tank itself, has a lightly textured matte finish that I find infinitely more appealing.

Specifications and Features of the Next Mind CT1

Specifications and Features of the Next Mind CT1


I mentioned earlier that the spec sheet for this device sounds like a pod vapers dream come true, and I stand by that statement.  The CT1 features performance attributes that would rival any pod-based system currently on the market. That’s especially impressive given that some challengers with similar specs are quite a bit larger, perhaps even bordering on “compact”, rather than “ultra-portable”.  The CT1 features a 650 mAh battery for extended periods of time away from a charger, as well as an excellent 3.5 milliliter liquid capacity that reduces the need for carrying a refill. Combine this with the fact that spare tanks (with aforementioned locking seals) can be purchased separately, and carried filled without worrying about leaks – which essentially eliminates the need to ever carry a cumbersome bottle of liquid around with you.  From my research, one of the most mentioned features of the CT1 is its user-initiated coil self-cleaning routine. This innovative feature allows the CT1 to eliminate residual liquid from its resilient ceramic coils, which facilitates a smooth and clean transition when switching to one of the other flavors that you’ve pre-loaded into one of your spare tanks. Using this feature requires you to remove the tank from the device (something you would be doing anyway when switching flavors), initiating the self-cleaning routine with a simple sequence of button presses, and letting the CT1 do the rest.  Personally, I tend to stick with one flavor in my pods, so although I may not be the user that this feature would strongly appeal to, it’s nice to know it’s there just in case.


Performance of the Next Mind CT1

Performance of the Next Mind CT1

As far as I’m concerned, Next Mind’s CT1 is on a roll.  I’m liking its appearance, its specs have impressed, but it’s time to move on to performance.  Can the CT1 continue to deliver up to my, admittedly lofty, expectations? Let’s see. Before we talk about performance, I’d like to mention here that one aspect of using the CT1 that I’ve really enjoyed so far is its available dual redundant firing systems.  This device can be activated with either the cool hexagonal button on the front or through simply inhaling. I love this. Sometimes I like to push a button, sometimes I don’t; either way, the CT1 doesn’t mind.

Another aspect of this feature that I appreciate is that I’ve had draw-activated only devices in the past where a spot of liquid making its way into the wrong spot prevented the device from detecting my inhale and thus, ceasing to function reliably or in some cases at all.  The fact that there is a button gives me the convenience of using the draw-activated method while having the peace of mind of knowing that I always have another means of putting the CT1 into action. Gotta love options

One more note on this aspect of the CT1 – I’m not always as diligent about turning devices off as I should be before sticking them in the pockets of my pants. That means devices get sat on, pressed up against other items in my pocket, and other egregious abuses that have led to more than one accidental activation.  Though I’ve been guilty of this irresponsible behavior throughout my testing of the CT1, I have not experienced this unwanted (and sometimes frightening) phenomenon. Upon investigation, I’ve noticed a slight overhang in the design which seems to serve as an extra bit of insurance against the button being accidentally depressed. Intentional or not, this would be a welcome addition to the design of any device small enough to be comfortably carried in a pocket. Manufacturers take note!

Performance is what I’d call typical for, and perhaps somewhat better, than the majority of pod systems I’ve experienced.  A satisfying amount of vapor is produced through a not overly restrictive mouth-to-lung draw. Also important to note is that the CT1 doesn’t seem to discriminate against various liquid formulations and delivered consistent performance when using both traditional and nicotine salt-based varieties. As expected, battery life was excellent as was the rate of liquid consumption.



If you’ve stuck with me so far you probably knew where this was heading:  I think I’m a fan of the CT1. With many features I like, and very few sticking points, the CT1 has earned a well-deserved top spot in my pod rotation.  To recap, both battery and liquid capacity is excellent and the device seems to be highly efficient in its consumption of both. I’m incredibly jazzed about the dual firing modes and the CT1’s versatility in switching between liquids of not only different flavors but completely different formulations.  The CT1 feels incredibly solid and robust in the hand, yet remains very discreet, and easily feels at home in your jeans pocket or the top pocket of a dress shirt. As far as I’m concerned Next Mind has hit it out of the park and the CT1 gets an enthusiastic thumbs up, I would easily and without hesitation recommend this device to anyone in the market for a solid, discreet, reliable, and versatile pod-based device.


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