Breakfast in Bed with a Vape Pen: E-Juices You’ll Want to Gift Mom

Mother's day
This year Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be the same old breakfast-in-bed routine. Instead, you can dress it up with one of our best-selling e-juices to add some flare. No matter what kind of lady your mom is, you can definitely find a flavor that matches her character and adds to her day!So instead of stressing about what to get her or what kind of meal to make, check out this guide to our hottest mom-friendly vape juices to get you started, complete with food pairing recommendations! Everything you need to pull off the perfect Mother’s Day all in one place.

For the Mom Who Deserves a Getaway

Maybe you can’t treat her to a Caribbean cruise or a week in a tropical paradise, but you can bring the paradise to her. How about serving up a delicious Pina Colada vape by VaporFi alongside a breakfast of fresh fruit, parfait and a muffin? This is the budget-friendly vacation she needs to chill out and enjoy a day off.

While we’re at it, VaporFi’s Appletini is another daring flavor that’s perfect for waking up on a make-believe beach, and Vapetasia makes a phenomenal Mango Strawberry Daiquiri Hooch. Who says Mom can’t let loose on her special day?


For the Diva

Is your mother a bona fide diva? Start off her day right with savory eggs, bacon, pancakes and a little bit of Catch Ya Latte by VaporFi Grand Reserve. This delicious vape is just like a cup of overpriced coffee from her favorite boutique coffee shop, and it goes great with the ultimate breakfast trio. This is one great way to wake up nice and slow and enjoy the morning in bed.

What could be more fitting for a queen than King’s Crest’s Strawberry Duchess Reserve? This intense flavor is 100 percent over the top with crumbly cake and fresh strawberries. Sure, it’s meant to be a dessert, but we’re not here to judge. If your mom needs a vape that reminds her that she’s earned her place as the matriarch, this flavor will get the job done. Match it up with a hearty breakfast omelet full of rich flavors.


For the Health Nut

Did mom head back to the gym this year for her New Year’s resolution? Here’s your chance to impress her with an incredible Blueberry Parfait from Vapetasia. They got this flavor down – all the way to granola topping, giving it a really authentic taste. It goes great alongside a banana nut muffin and a glass of orange or apple juice.

Moo E-liquids has another winner here with its Vanilla Almond Milk. It’s an uncanny reproduction of the almond milk flavor that has become so popular among vegans and paleo fans.


For the Sweet Tooth

Need something sugary and sweet to impress your mom? Try out Banana Milk from Moo E-liquids! It’s almost like a banana smoothie first thing in the morning with a creamy, milky flavor blending in and out of the banana. Serve it alongside some French toast topped with strawberries and powdered sugar for an ultra-sweet treat.

Alternatively, Cinna-Fun Cinnamon Bun e-juice is another sticky sweet blend that has earned high marks. This classic flavor goes great with a hot cup of your mom’s favorite coffee and some vanilla yogurt. Let your mom celebrate her day with guilt-free decadence.


For the Mom Who Loves Adventure

Looking for a way to bring together some international flavors for Mother’s Day? Consider Mr. Macaron’s Strawberry Cream e-juice. This tasty cookie flavor tastes just like an Italian favorite. To round out the meal, create a truly authentic Italian dish with something like a potato frittata and a cornetto roll. She’ll be sure to love this fresh new take on breakfast in bed.

Another international flavor is Mr. Blintz by Vape Breakfast Classics. This incredible flavor features apple, whipped cream, ricotta cheese and a delicious crepe wrap. Serve with eggs benedict and some fresh fruit to really get the whole picture.


For the Mom on a Tight Schedule

Breakfast in bed is just the beginning of an action-packed Mother’s Day filled with an afternoon at the spa and some therapeutic shopping. If your mom’s on the run, get her started with All Melon by Naked e-juice. This melon medley goes great with some thinly sliced prosciutto and a variety of cheeses. Make it light and simple so she can enjoy the rest of her day getting pampered.



Your mom deserves all the special treatment you can lavish upon her. These e-juices are just one creative way to add to her special Mother’s Day morning with some delicious flavors that go hand-in-hand with her breakfast in bed.

Remember, Mother’s Day is a great day to go over the top, so don’t cut corners. Make sure you have all your bases covered with these awesome flavors and more and you can buy them all with DIRECTVAPOR’s low price guarantee.


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