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Mig Vapor: The Four vs Khan Review

Mig Vapor The Four vs Khan Review

In recent years, Mig Vapor has established themselves as a premium designer and manufacturer of dry herb vapes and accessories. They have taken the vaping world by storm with the top-notch build quality and performance of their dry-herb mods. Two of their most popular vaporizers are The Four and the Khan. The Four is more affordable and geared towards beginner and intermediate vapers and the Khan is their flagship model aimed at more advanced vapers. Which is right for you? Well, we’re here to dive in and compare and contrast the feature sets of both devices to help you figure exactly that out!  

Construction / Appearance

Both the The Four and the Khan are constructed out of aircraft grade aluminum, meaning both devices are rugged and durable. Both devices are extremely compact and portable, but the Khan has a slightly bulkier chassis construction. The Four comes in 3 sharp colors, jet black, futuristic silver, and metallic green. The Khan comes in matte black or red, but the most striking aspect of its appearance is the gold or silver plated nickel snake design on the device. This detail elevates this vape to a level of artistic elegance befitting a flagship device. Finally, in terms of visual feedback, the Four features indicator lights to show your temperature stats, whereas the Khan features a more elaborate and detailed LED screen. 

Power / Operation

In terms of power specifications, both dry-herb vapes utilize  2500mAh polymer batteries. The Four features 5 different heating settings, ranging from 356F – 428F. The more upscale Khan features a wider range of temperatures (302F – 464F) and offers extremely precise control, allowing you to specify your heating temperature down to the exact degree. Both devices are exceedingly user-friendly to operate, utilizing a one button control, although the Khan’s wider range of operation has a slightly higher learning curve to memorize. 

In terms of bowl capacity, the Four can hold 1 gram of dry-herb and the Khan can hold half a gram of dry-herb. However, in terms of bowl chamber construction materials, the Khan has the edge and features a thick pyrex glass mouthpiece, a no plastics ceramic chamber, and a pyrex bubbler. Both devices are comparable in terms of heat up time, taking between 30-60 seconds to heat up fully. All-in-all both devices perform very well, but more advanced users may desire the superior materials and more precise control offered by the Khan. 

Vapor Production / Experience

Both the Four and the Khan are excellent devices and deliver full-bodied, rich vapor. Battery life is plentiful and heat up times are speedy. Single button operation can make exact temperature control a bit finicky but this is a small gripe. The Khan features convenient vibrating feedback to let you know when the desired temperature is reached, a handy feature. One additional edge the Khan has over the Four is versatility of experience. More accessory options are available for the Khan to custom tailor your experience, including bubbler attachments and pipe adapters


Mig Vapor has leapt to the front of the pack of dry-herb vape companies, and for good reason! All of the products they offer are tremendously well-constructed and only take a small amount of time to familiarize oneself with. In terms of the Four and the Khan, you absolutely can’t go wrong with either device. However, new vapers will appreciate the simplicity and lower price tag of the Four while more demanding and experienced vapers will likely desire the premium flexibility and construction of the Khan. Regardless of which path you take, DirectVapor has you covered for all your Mig Vapor product needs, and always offers the best prices!

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