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How Long do Vape Atomizers Last?

At DIRECTVAPOR, our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services, empowering our customers to truly enjoy their best vaping experience. A single product can be the difference between a terrible vaping session and an excellent one, so choosing wisely is important. So, our knowledgeable, professional team works hard to make sure that we keep customers informed about the products we offer, including how each item functions, its intended purpose, and how to take care of it.

One of the most common customer questions we get is, “How long do vape atomizers last?” This is an excellent question and has a more complex answer than you might think. Understanding how an atomizer works, the different parts that make up an atomizer, and the factors that affect the life of these parts can help you properly care for yours, as well as know when it’s time to replace it. Here is a quick run-down of the most important things to know about your vape atomizer. After reading, you will be the one who can easily answer the infamous question, “how long do atomizers last?”


What Is a Vape Atomizer?

An atomizer is also often referred to as an atomizer coil or vape coil. This coil is made from a small piece of resistance wire, which (when powered by the vaporizer battery) heats up the wick that is coated in e-liquid, creating delicious, flavored vapor. The coil is created from a small piece of resistance wire, which generates the heat to make the flavored vapor. This resistance wire correlates to the atomizer’s ohm level, with lower ohm levels requiring more power.

You may have heard the word “atomizer” used to refer to a variety of different parts of the device, and it is easy to get confused. Sometimes, vapers will use it in reference to the coil itself, or the device that holds it – for example, the RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) or sub ohm tank.

There are a wide variety of vape atomizers, ranging from disposable coil heads all the way to DIY coil builds for the experienced vaper. Depending on your personal preferences, you should select the atomizer that best fits your vaping lifestyle. The two main categories of coils include pre-made and rebuildable.


What Factors Determine How Long an Atomizer Coil Lasts?

An atomizer coil’s lifespan depends on a few different factors, with one of the most important simply being how often you vape. The more often you use the coil on a daily basis, the shorter you can expect its lifespan to be – makes sense, right? Other affecting factors include:

  • The acidity level (and PG/VG consistency) of your chosen e-liquids, with more acidic liquids burning out the coil at a faster rate
  • The voltage level and wattage that you supply to your coil, with higher power levels leading to a faster burnout


How Do I Clean My Vape Atomizer?

Regular cleaning is a good way to keep your atomizer in good condition, and is easy as giving it a 10-15-minute soak in hot soapy water. Allow it to dry overnight (shake out excess water), and you are good to go.


How Do You Know an Atomizer Coil Is Burning Out?

The first sign that your coil is headed towards burnout is a decrease in your vapor production. It is normal for vapor to slowly reduce over the life of the coil, so expect this with any atomizer. The next sign will probably be a poor flavor or a burned taste, as well as leaking or odd gurgling noises. You will know you’ve reached total burnout when your device produces no vapor at all.


How Frequently Should I Replace My Vape Atomizer Coils?

Based on the varying factors involved in coil life, there is no perfect answer to this question. For heavy vapers, you can expect to replace your coil after 5 to 7 days; moderate vapers can estimate close to 2 weeks, and very light vapers (think a few hits per day) could have coils that last as long as three weeks. The best way to know when to replace your coils is to simply watch for signs of burnout. It’s always a good idea to have backup coils on hand so that you don’t find that you’ve burned out your last one right when you are craving a good vape.


Upgrade Your Atomizer and Other Vape Accessories Today

Now that you know all the basics of atomizers, you may be realizing that it’s time to replace some part of yours. Before you start shopping, keep in mind that starting with high-quality products is the first step you can take in getting the best life length of your products, earning you excellent return on your investment.

DIRECTVAPOR has the lowest price guarantee and will match any other retailer’s price, plus we offer a 60-day manufacturer warranty and a 15-day return policy. We offer customers the opportunity to sign up for incredible, money-saving deals, and have expertly curated vape bundles that will take your vape experience to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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