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By this point you’ve likely heard of the new federal statutes and regulations facing the vaping industry and affecting how vapes are shipped to customers. You might wonder what this means to you. Will I still be able to order vapes by mail? Will a ban on shipping vape products cause vape companies to go out of business? Will the ban mean JUUL stops shipping vape orders?

The PACT ACT, (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act) was actually passed in 2009, but as part of the COVID-19 relief bill signed into law by Congress on December 27th, the definition of ‘cigarette’ was amended to include vaping products. All vape users know there is a big difference between vape and cigarettes, but unfortunately the new law now classifies all ENDS products (electronic delivery systems) in a way similar to cigarettes.

Though there are many components of the PACT ACT, the most troubling is the fact these new regulations ban the shipping of vape products by the US Post Office (USPS.) Additionally, the other major carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL have voluntarily decided to join the ban and will stop shipping vape products to consumers.

It was because of this ban that on April 20th, announced that it will stop shipping vape products. JUUL pods and JUUL vape devices will not be available for purchase, and JUUL will stop shipping vapes to customers. In this notification, JUUL stated the last day to order from the website before JUUL would shut down shipping would be April 21, 2021.

Thankfully, all is not lost for adult (21+) smokers and vapers who wish to continue to order vapes online and have them shipped directly to their homes. has been able to utilize its extensive infrastructure, and its trustworthy reputation, to successfully partner with a reliable carrier system. DirectVapor customers can still order vapes online to be shipped directly to their homes. DirectVapor carries hundreds of vape devices, vape accessories, e-liquids and even vape devices that may appeal to consumers frustrated that the JUUL vapes are now banned from shipping.

DirectVapor’s new shipping carrier uses an extensive network of delivery options, which is capable of delivering vape products to the vast majority of adult (21+) vape customers throughout the United States. While the additional PACT requirements are too cumbersome for many online vape retailers, DirectVapor is committed to providing the best vape products at the best prices. DirectVapor offers a wide variety and flavors of vape juices, and carries the leading brands in vaping technology – SMOKVaporesso, Geek Vape, Voopoo, Freemax, Horizon and more.

Additionally, customers can rest easy knowing they are getting the best e-liquids shipped to their homes by choosing from manufactures like AirFactorySolaceTwistPachamama, Kilo, Naked, Humble and many, many more. It’s hard to tell what the future holds and what changes might come for the vape industry. Additional vape shipping bans and vape regulations like this one, which caused JUUL to close down vape ordering on could come. But customers can remain confident that DirectVapor is here to stay and is committed to continue shipping vape products in the USA despite the fact that JUUL stops shipping vapes. To confirm that shipping of vape products is available in your area, use the zip code checker at Direct Vapor.

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