Joyetech Cuboid Tap Starter Kit Review

Another leap forward in technology has arrived with the announcement of the Joyetech Cuboid Tap Starter Kit. Joyetech has long been a leader in the industry, and this new high-powered device is sure to capture your imagination with innovative new features. With an updated body and modern touch-pad features hidden beneath the surface, it’s time to see what the next generation of vaporizers will entail.

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The Body

Joyetech Cuboid Tap Body Review - DirectVaporThe Joyetech Cuboid Tap Starter Kit looks similar to other high-end box mods. It has a tall, rectangular frame with beveled edges. It comes in five colors, accented by either plain black grips or flame printed grips, giving it an edgy look.

Joyetech went above and beyond with an incredible 1.3-inch OLED screen on the side, making it one of the largest screens around today. The screen comes with all of the fun options we’ve come to love such as custom logo designs to personalize the look of your vape.

You’ll also notice that the entire mod is conspicuously absent of any trigger button or bar.

The Power

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that Joyetech knocked it out of the park with the Cuboid Tap by giving us a 228-watt monster of a device that does it all. It’s a temperature control box that accepts all types of coils but also has a TCR mode for even more control.

The sub-ohm options allow you to drop it down to an impressive 0.05 ohms for maximum vapor and performance. In fact, they were so confident in this mod that they included the ProCore Aries tank to give it that much more juice.

If you’re feeling brave you can switch into bypass mode and use manual controls to give you an impressive experience. The dual 18650 batteries give you plenty of juice and a long life span for vaping all day.

The Software

When you first power on the device the screen will greet you with your custom logo. Then you’ll be presented with a clean and clear home page that gives you the lowdown on all your vaping stats for the session. Additionally, you will be able to maneuver through the menu and make changes to your setup thanks to the thoughtful organization and work flow of the device.

Joyetech includes a clever Preheat function in the Cuboid Tap that is definitely worth talking about. It ensures that once you set your temperature, your device always works its way up and is ready to go when you are.

You will also enjoy a stealth mode and upgradable firmware in the future, so there’s no telling what else Joyetech has in store.

About the TAP

OK, we know you’re still curious about what the Tap feature is all about, and why there’s no firing button. Put simply, the entire case of this box mod is filled with pressure points. The idea is that you should be able to press or tap wherever your fingers naturally land on the device for a comfortable firing experience.

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Thus, the entire vaping process has been streamlined and simplified so you can just wrap your hands around the device and then gently tap with your finger when you’re ready to take off. The device gives you haptic feedback by vibrating beneath your fingers.

It not only makes the device look cleaner, it also makes it operate smoother. It’s not hard to imagine that more and more devices will follow suit with invisible firing buttons in the future.


Joyetech Cuboid Tap Review - DirectVaporIn addition to all of the incredible features mentioned above, the Joytech Cuboid TAP is also full of safety features. With dual circuit protection and other safety features in place, you can trust that your device is designed to meet the highest standards of manufacturing and usage.

The Tank

The Aries tank deserves its own review by rights. This tank is designed to give you a solid balance between flavor and vapor production. You will enjoy large clouds with the help of the adjustable airflow ports on the sides. It also has a 4-milliliter capacity with a convenient top fill flap.

You can take advantage of several different kinds of atomizers that will bring out the very best characteristics of this tank along with the Cuboid Tap.

If you’ve been waiting for something new and interesting in the vapor world, Joyetech knows just what you need. This new take on the comfort touch design is a real leap of faith for the manufacturer, but also shows that there are plenty of new ideas still driving the vapor industry forward. With a 228W rating and a beautiful Aries tank, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


Remember, DIRECTVAPOR’s Low Price Guarantee means you’ll be getting the best deal on the Cuboid TAP Starter Kit when you order with us today!

get my joyetech cuboid tap kit


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