Joyetech Atopack Penguin Review

Joyetech Atopack Penguin Vaporizer Kit Review - DIRECTVAPOR

Joyetech‘s new Atopack Penguin all-in-one vape is getting some mad props from vapers old and new! This ingenious pod-style vaporizer offers self-contained convenience with impressive results.

As an entry-level vape device, it is easy to learn with and requires minimal set-up, but even advanced vapers can appreciate the simplicity and features that are packed into this little device. 

The Reveal

When you first open the box of the Atopack Penguin you’ll notice that it has an unusual, rounded shape with a steep-sloped shoulder. In defiance of all the oversized square mods on the market right now, the Penguin is actually super comfortable to hold and leaves plenty of space for your e-liquid and battery, so you aren’t losing anything in performance. The large firing button sits up on the rounded corner and your finger naturally rests across it without pressure.

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The Pod

White Sideways Joyetech Atopack Penguin Vaporizer Kit Review - DIRECTVAPORWhat makes this all-in-one vaporizer so different from the others? It may be the incredible pod setup. Simply press up on the tab and the whole mouthpiece and tank pop out together. Turn the pod upside down and you’ll find a ceramic housing that holds your coils in either 0.25 or 0.5 ohms. The ceramic surround acts to direct the e-liquid and the airflow toward the mouthpiece in one smooth motion. You just pop it in and out and you can have a fresh coil in mere seconds.

You’ll notice something unusual about this pod as well. It is refillable, but it is designed to go from a 2-milliliter capacity up to 8.8 ml. The 2-ml pod configuration meets Europe’s stricter laws, while the 8.8-ml capacity is a nice bonus for vapers in the U.S. You’ll also notice that the pod comes with its very own write-in box so you can label each of your tanks with the type of e-juice that you’re carrying and keep things clear.

You can purchase spare pods to keep your liquids in so you can easily pop one out and the next one in. The starter kit even comes with an awesome plastic tray to cover the bottom of your pod while it’s being stored so it won’t leak.

How it Works

You’ll notice that the coil sits at the bottom of your tank and has a small port through which the liquid wicks down into the coil. When you first put a new coil in you’ll want to prime it with a drop or two of liquid from either end. You’ll also notice that the ceramic housing has a small airflow port that lines up with a hole in the top of the device.

Joyetech Atopack Penguin Vaporizer Kit Review - DIRECTVAPOR

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The coil sits horizontally, and the airflow comes in one end and carries through until it reaches the place where the liquid is dripping down. Here it turns to vapor and is whisked up the mouthpiece to you. This innovative system ensures that the airflow is moving through the coil in the most effective way possible and getting the most out of your vapor. Since the entire coil is enclosed by the ceramic housing there is nowhere for the vapor to escape so you really are going to get a strong hit every single time.

The Atopack Penguin also has a 2000 mAh battery built in to the bottom of the device. You’ll notice that there are a few ventilation holes on either side of the bottom to help keep the battery cool. The device is set to operate at a solid 50 watts at all times, which gives you pretty impressive battery life. With the more efficient coil design, 50W is certainly enough to reach peak performance without the need for any additional temperature or wattage settings. Again, as an entry level device, zero setup is the way to go!

The two pre-made coil options are more than sufficient to let you customize your vape a little bit by either opening it up or slightly restricting the performance.

Other Notes

As a simple, one-button device, all you have to do is click the firing button five times to turn it on. The LED indicators across the front light up to tell you how much battery you have left. As the battery goes down the lights will disappear. Fortunately, the mini USB charging port is conveniently located right there. It comes with 2A charging capabilities so you can have a fully charged battery in no time.

The overall performance of the Atopack Penguin is impressive from start to finish. It’s been a while since we’ve seen something truly unique that stands out for stylish design and ingenuity. The Penguin comes in a variety of cool colors and it is incredibly easy to set up for the first time, even if you don’t know much about vaping.

All of the pieces simply slide together and they only fit one way so you can’t go wrong. You can pick up the Penguin in a variety of colors for around $25, which is a huge bargain!


Remember, DIRECTVAPOR always has the low price guarantee so you can save more money with every product you buy! Contact us anytime for more information.

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