Can you vape essential oils?

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Essential oils are growing in popularity for a number of applications. Likewise, vapers have discovered that they can glean their benefits through vaping essential oils. Can you put essential oils in a vape? Yes, but before you rush out to stock up on your favorite peppermint and lavender oils, there are a few things you need to know about how vaporizers use essential oils and what to expect.

Vaping Essential Oils


Choosing the Right Vape Pen

First and foremost, you need to be sure that your vaporizer is designed for use with essential oils. More specifically, you should look for a vape pen that is meant for vaping concentrates.

Choosing Essential Oils

You also need to be aware of the type of essential oils you are purchasing. First of all, the quality of your oils should be a primary concern. Make sure you get recommendations from an expert to locate pure, safe essential oils that are made for vaping. Cheap oils may contain impurities or extra ingredients that are not safe when heated and inhaled.

Your second concern should be potency. Some companies dilute the contents of their essential oils, while others leave them highly concentrated. In addition, some plants are simply more potent than others naturally. As you begin vaping with essential oils, don’t dive in head first. Start with a few drops and test the waters before you take a huge draw. Then you will know if you need to add more or if you need to slow down a little bit. Vaping too heavily on a very potent essential oil can irritate the throat and lungs.


How to Vape Essential Oils

Vaping with essential oils is slightly different from other vaping methods. With regular e-liquids you are often trying to take a large draw and fill your lungs. In this case, you should be taking a shallow draw. Since many of the positive effects of essential oils have to do with their scent and the way they awaken your senses, you should take your time and vape slowly.

It is important to note that different vape pen essential oils react to different temperature ranges. Again, start with a low temperature and work your way up until you feel the effects of the oil taking over. If you go too hot you could cause combustion of the oil, or you could cause the oil to heat unevenly, which will leave you with a sticky, gunky mess that didn’t properly fire.

Once you’ve landed upon a mix of essential oils and temperature ranges that suits your needs, you can enjoy several short vaping sessions throughout the day. Always make sure you properly clean your device and accessories prior to switching to a new oil. Oils like peppermint tend to leave a lingering flavor and scent that could mix with your softer oils and change the taste.

Custom Oils

You can find a wide range of essential oils made for vaporizers these days. Flavors like eucalyptus, tea tree and chamomile are all praised for their stress-relieving properties.

There are a number of companies that currently offer mixes that are custom blended to suit any individual’s needs. You can do the same thing with essential oils by adding a couple of drops of your favorite flavors together. Just make sure you take it slow and test your vape between drops lest you accidentally overpower your mix with too much of one oil.

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with vaping essential oils. The most important thing to remember is that essential oils should be treated gently and you should vape them with care. Make sure you have invested in a device that will get you the best results from your oils. Then start with a couple drops of one oil and work your way up.

You can speak with a specialist to determine which of the hundreds of oils available are right for your symptoms. Then you can mix them as needed to treat yourself.



Contact us at DIRECTVAPOR with any questions you may have about essential oil vape juice. As always, you can purchase any and all the items you need from us and enjoy our low price guarantee.

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