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How to Update Your Vape Mod Firmware

Today, many of the top-selling box mods in the vapor industry are advertised with upgradeable firmware. You may be wondering what this means for you and why it matters. The idea is that the device you buy today is not necessarily limited by the hardware inside. Instead, it can be continuously upgraded through software downloads from the manufacturer that offer new features and better performance.Most MODs come with a mini-USB port and cable to attach your MOD to your computer for firmware updates, while others use Bluetooth technology to manage these updates. Here’s a step-by-step guide for learning how to install updates on your vape mod firmware.

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Updating Vape MOD Firmware via USB Cable

The easiest way to update your firmware is with the help of the USB cable included in your starter kit. This is because it provides some level of charging while you are updating so you don’t have to worry about your MOD going dead during the update. It also creates a hard connection so you won’t have to fight with getting Bluetooth connectivity to work.

First, you need to visit the manufacturer’s website and download any application or program that is specific to your device. Most manufacturers use a special program to handle firmware updates to prevent any confusion. Download the application and install it. Then find the download for the latest firmware update and save it to a file that you can easily find, usually on your desktop.

For popular brands such as SMOK , the firmware installation software opens up to a home menu that allows you to check your connection before you begin. Check your instruction manual to determine whether or not your batteries need to be installed during this process.

Once the USB cable is plugged into your device and your computer, your upgrade software should indicate that the device is connected and show you some basic info about the name of the device and the firmware version you currently have installed.

Next, you should be able to hit the Upgrade button. This will open a new box for you to choose the firmware file that you wish to update to. Go to the file where you saved your firmware update and select that file. Hit open or update, and the software will show you a progress bar as your device is upgraded.

As soon as it is finished, it should give you an alert that the firmware was updated successfully. At this point, you can exit out of the program and disconnect your device. Re-install your batteries and turn the device on to see what new features have been unlocked.

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Updating Mod Firmware via Bluetooth

Installing a mod firmware update with Bluetooth is slightly different than using the USB cable. In this case you need your device to be on and operational to communicate with your computer.

First, start by visiting the manufacturer site and download the firmware updating software. Unzip it and install it on your desktop. Once this is complete, open the software. The software will ask to search for the latest updates on your behalf. Once you hit OK, it will automatically find the latest version available from the manufacturer and download it for you.

Alternatively, your manufacturer may use a mobile app instead to transfer the files via Bluetooth. If this is the case, download their app onto your phone instead.

Next, you need to form the connection between your upgrade software and your device. The software may provide you with step-by-step connection instructions, but you will need to go to your device’s main menu settings and click the upgrade button or find the Bluetooth button to turn on the connection.

As soon as the connection is made, your phone or computer should recognize that a device is connected. It will then alert you that an upgrade is ready to be installed. Click OK, and the process should be completed within a minute or two.

The most important thing to remember is to have your device charged up before you begin to prevent any interruptions during the process. Some devices may prevent you from updating until your battery is above a certain percentage.

While each device and manufacturer is slightly different in the layout of their system, most of them have created simple software that guides you through the process with ease. Just remember that you need to download both the upgrading software and the actual mod firmware update itself to complete the process.

Open up the manufacturer’s software and you should be able to verify the connection to your device and select which firmware update you wish to install. Once the process is complete, you may want to reboot your device to ensure that all new features are fully operational.

Most companies publish a detailed rundown of everything that’s included in their mod firmware update so you know what to expect once the process is complete.

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