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How To Inhale a Vape Correctly

Is there a “correct” way to inhale when vaping? Well, yes, actually there is, and many people never even consider this little tidbit when they start (and often continue) vaping. However, while there is nothing wrong with doing things your own way, keeping in mind a few tactics can offer an improved, enhanced experience. Here’s our guide on how to vape properly. Try these useful methods to get the most out of your vaping.

Emulate a Cigarette

The method of vaping that closely resembles smoking a cigarette is the Mouth-to-Lung technique. This involves taking the vapor into your mouth, and then proceeding to inhale it into your lungs. This style allows you to taste the vape juice more thoroughly, as it lingers in the mouth, and the greatest benefit is that it’s a familiar experience.

Some of the aspects to vaping this way that appeal to recently-quit smokers is that it requires less juice to get the feeling going, the temperature of the vapor is cooler, and it’s a more noticeable way to vape that feels like you’re smoking.

Clouds Galore

Direct Lung is the other method of vaping, and it is incredibly popular among seasoned vapers. This method of vaping is characterized by vapers drawing the vapor directly into their lungs, kind of like breathing, or sucking the air out of a balloon, and dragging it straight down, filling the lungs very quickly with vapor. This technique is most often used when sub ohm vaping.

Among the benefits of vaping in this manner are that you can achieve a much more intense hit, which, depending on your preferences, may be incredibly satisfying, or a tad over the top; having a nicely increased level of clouds, and the ability to vape stealthily as holding the vapor in for a few seconds before releasing can make it dissipate.

So, depending on the feeling you’re trying to achieve, how you vape, and what you do with that vapor is a major contributor to your experience. We suggest working between these two methods to figure out exactly where you want your hits to be. As you can see, how you inhale plays a major role in how you vape, and how it all feels, so work with it to get the right method down!

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