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How to Fill Your Vape Tank with Juice

If you’re new to vaping or just new to your device, we’re here to help you make the most out of your device. Every empty tank is an opportunity for a new flavor in your day. While there’s definitely a wide variety of different tanks designs and styles on the market, most will fill in a very similar way.  With a few simple tricks and tips, you’ll be an expert at refilling your tank with vape juice in no time!
Understanding different types of vapes

Understanding the Different Types of Vapes

Before you can fill your tank, you’ll need to determine what type of device you have.  If you have a cigalike the chances are pretty good you won’t have to worry about refills. Most of these devices utilize pre-filled cartridges that allow for maximum convenience without having to learn how to fill a vape pen with juice.  If you don’t have a cigalike, you most likely have a vape mod with a clearomizer tank of some form or another perched proudly atop.

How to Fill Cartomizers

  1. Remove the rubber stopper that seals the juice-fill port
  2. Insert the tip of the fill bottle well into the cartomizer
  3. Fill until nearly full and remove the bottle tip to allow air to escape
  4. Fill to the top and replace the rubber plug
  5. Enjoy!

How to Prime Your Coil

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Open your new coil and inspect for any damage that may have occurred
  3. Apply juice to the cotton that is exposed in the center of the coil as well as the side-flow ports
  4. Once the coil has been saturated, insert into your tank and reassemble
  5. Now it’s time to fill and enjoy!


How to Properly Fill Your Vape Tank with E-Juice


How to Fill Tanks

  1. Open the Top cap
  2. Tilt your tank at a slight angle to allow for even filling
  3. Insert the bottle tip and begin filling
  4. When the tank is half-full, pause for a moment or two to allow the juice to wick into the coil.
  5. Resume filling your device
  6. Replace the top cap and wipe any spills as needed
  7. Enjoy!

How Often Will I Need to Refill My Vape Tank?

How often you’ll need to refill depends on a variety of factors that influence juice consumption.  Nicotine content, wattage, and even the style of the tank all play a role in how often you need to refill.  A low-nicotine, sub-ohm tank at high-wattage will definitely need a steady supply of juice.  A high-nicotine, lower-power mouth-to-lung tank, on the other hand, will slowly sip vape juice in comparison.

Tips to Use Less Vape Juice

Switching to a higher nicotine content can often reduce the need to vape as frequently.  It’s important to change your device as well, as a tank designed to output large amounts of vapor will send too much nicotine your way.  Too much nicotine can make you ill, so a balance must be found as you explore. Changing styles can also help save juice.  Sub-ohm tanks are designed to vape as much juice as possible to provide loads of flavor while MTL, or mouth-to-lung, tanks use far less juice and require minimal airflow.  These tanks are focused more on providing essential nicotine efficiently rather than clouds.

If you’re looking to switch devices or maybe pick up something a bit different on the juice side of life, Direct Vapor has the best selection of tanks and e-juices around!


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