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How to Clean a Vape Tank

Updated January 14, 2022

how to clean a vape tank

Whether you’re working with a simple vape pen or a custom, feature-packed mod; your vape setup has probably powered you through more than a few great vape sessions. If you don’t want it quitting on you anytime soon, knowing how to clean a vape tank and other vape components is important. 

One of the best ways to extend the life (and the performance!) of your vape device is learning how to clean your vape properly. Just like any other mechanical device, a vaporizer needs a certain amount of TLC when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. And in many cases, that dreaded decline in performance doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy a replacement… your vape might just need a solid scrubbing.

Every vaping device is different, but you can count on three main components:

  • The vape tank: The tank holds your e-liquid and is most commonly combined with the atomizer to form a single unit.
  • The coil(s): The metal wire(s) that heat up to convert e-liquid into vapor.
  • The battery: The vape’s power source; contained inside the housing in vape mods.

We’re going to cover everything you need to know about how to clean your vape tank, as well as important tips for maintaining your vape performance by keeping your coils and battery in tip-top shape.

How Often to Clean a Vape

When people talk about cleaning vape devices, they’re usually referring to their vape tanks. 

For the best possible vape experience, you should be cleaning it every time you switch to a new e-liquid flavor. If you’re loyal to just a single flavor, that doesn’t mean you can skip vape tank cleaning altogether. In that case, aim to give it a good cleaning every two to three weeks. 

Signs You Need to Clean Your Vape Tank

Now, you know how often you should be cleaning your vape tank. But let’s say you don’t exactly hold yourself to a strict schedule – even the most dedicated vaper slips up sometimes!

There are a couple of telltale signs that it’s time to clean a vape tank:

  • Even after you switch to a new e-liquid flavor, you notice some hints of the former flavor coming through.
  • It seems like your vape isn’t performing quite as well as it used to.

The best-case scenario is that you’re cleaning your vape regularly enough that you don’t have to deal with the above issues. But realistically, sometimes we all need that extra push to tackle our chores.

How to Clean a Vape Tank

Cleaning your vape tanks is an important part of getting the best vaping experience possible. Most vape tanks are designed for continual use, but proper cleaning will extend its life and ensure that you are not getting unwanted flavors in your juice.

Properly cleaning a vape tank isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t take a ton of time. Once you’re familiar with the basic vape tank cleaning steps, it’s a pretty simple task.

Here’s a handy guide that breaks down the basic supplies and steps for cleaning a vape tank – maximizing vape performance doesn’t get any easier than this!

Supplies for Cleaning a Vape Tank

  • A clean, medium-sized bowl
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap (optional)
  • Small brush for extra scrubbing, like a toothbrush (optional)
  • A dry, lint-free cloth

Steps to Clean a Vape Tank

  1. First, disassemble your vape device. 
    • Remove the tank.
    • Take the coil out of the tank. 
    • Empty out any last drops of e-liquid.
    • Separate any additional pieces, like the mouthpiece.
  2. Fill a bowl with warm water, adding a small amount of soap for extra cleaning power.
  3. Place all the vape tank parts (EXCEPT the coil) into the water. 
  4. Wash each part until clean, using the water to rinse off any residue as needed.
    • Using an old toothbrush is a useful way to scrub hard-to-reach spots.
  5. Rinse all parts in clean water.
  6. Wipe down each piece using a clean, dry cloth. 
  7. Set the pieces out on a paper towel or clean cloth to fully air-dry (this usually takes about 10-15 minutes)
  8. Reassemble your vape device.

Deep-Cleaning a Vape Tank

If you’re dealing with some seriously stubborn e-liquid residue, alcohol can get the job done. 

  1. After you take apart your vape and the tank, use a high-proof, unflavored vodka to dampen a cloth or paper towel. 
  2. Then, scrub that stuck-on grime until the tank is sparkling clean. 
  3. A quick wipe-down and rinse, and then 10-15 minutes of air-drying, and your tank is ready to go!

How to Clean Vape Coils

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to clean your coils. Getting them wet will lead to a quick burnout, and there’s no secret method for vape coil cleaning.

No matter how often you clean your vape, coil replacement is inevitable. Coils have a major impact on flavor quality, so changing your coils is essential for an enjoyable vape experience. Luckily, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality coils (at pretty affordable prices), so replacement isn’t much of a hassle.

How to Know When to Replace Vape Coils

When you’re a new vaper, it can be tough to know when to change vape coils. But there are a few easy-to-spot red flags that will tell you it’s time to switch out our coil for a fresh one:

  • You can see that the coil is dark, appears damaged, or has a crusty buildup on it.
  • Even after you clean your device, there’s a distinctly “burnt” flavor present.
  • You’re dealing with a leaky atomizer.
  • Vapor production has gone downhill.

How to Change a Vape Coil

There’s an incredibly broad range of coil styles on the market, so it’s tough to give you a set of generic instructions that will work for every single one. However, changing vape coils is usually pretty simple. Make sure you follow any manufacturer-provided instructions while using these basic steps as a guide:

  1. Disassemble your vape device, removing the tank.
  2. Dump out any remaining e-liquid.
  3. Remove the worn out coil.
  4. Install a fresh coil.
  5. Reassemble your device.

Don’t forget to prime vape coils, because that’s key for both the quality of your experience and the longevity of your coil.

How to Clean a Vape Battery

Before you get ahead of yourself, you’re not going to be taking apart the battery and dunking it in the water! Your battery contains all of your vape’s electronic components, and mixing electricity and water is a big no-no. 

What we’re talking about is the main “mod section” of your vape, not the battery inside it. And to clean it, all you really need to do is wipe it down as needed. You can use an antibacterial wipe to knock out any germs if you’d like. But beyond that, there really isn’t anything you need to worry about.

When Cleaning Your Vape Tank Just Doesn’t Cut It

Regardless of how well you care for your tank, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs that will help you know when to change your vape tank:

  • You’re getting a burnt taste in your mouth, even after switching to fresh coils.
  • There’s zero (or almost zero) flavor in your vapor.
  • Your vape tank keeps leaking.
  • Your vape tank is making a gurgling noise.

Getting a new vape tank will generally solve any and all of the above problems, and it will usually be a welcome upgrade to a new level of quality.

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