How to Clean a Vape Tank


Cleaning your vape tanks is an important part of getting the best vaping experience possible. Most vape tanks are designed for continual use, but proper cleaning will extend its life and ensure that you are not getting unwanted flavors in your juice.

Follow this step-by-step guide to cleaning your vape tank:

The Quick & Easy Way

  1. Fill a small bowl with luke warm water
  2. Detach the vape tank from the mod
  3. Get rid of any remaining vape juice
  4. Disassemble the entire vape tank
  5. Place the vape tank parts into the bowl
  6. Wash the vape tank components in the warm water (dish soap helps)
  7. Dry each part of the vape tank with a towel
  8. Air dry for about 15 minutes
  9. Reassemble your vape tank!

Here is the long version:

1. Strip Your Vape Down

The first step in cleaning any tank is to fully disassemble it. This includes removing any O-rings that may collect vape juice behind them. Be very careful when removing your O-rings to be sure they do not break or get punctured. Also, keep in mind that some tanks have two rings while others have three. Carefully inspect your tank to be sure you have disassembled it completely.

It is important to note that you must remove the atomizer head during this process, but do not soak it. If the head is old, it’s best to throw it away and install a fresh one when reassembling your tank. If it still has some life left, set it aside and save it for later.

If you are using coils you built yourself, your best option is to replace the coil completely. But, you can just remove the wick material and flash the coils quickly to restore them instead.


2. Soak Your Vape

The next step is to let the components of your vape tank soak thoroughly to break down any buildup that has occurred. You can soak your pieces in hot water, vinegar, ethanol or raw propylene glycol. Be sure to use pure vinegar or ethanol, not isopropyl alcohol.

First, rinse all of the parts under running water. Then, place them in a shallow bowl with just enough liquid to cover them completely. If you are using hot water, you typically only need to let the pieces soak for 10 minutes before removing them and rinsing them again. However, some people choose to let their parts soak overnight and reassemble them in the morning. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your parts once more if you used vinegar or ethanol, because they can leave behind a bad flavor.


3. Clean Your Vape

Use a small brush to gently clean connectors and the inside of your vape tank. It should not take much pressure or scrubbing to get your tank completely clean. A final rinse should wash away any debris.


4. Dry and Reassemble Your Vape

Wipe down each part and then lay it on a clean cloth to dry. You want everything to be 100 percent dry before reassembly. Some people choose to use a hair dryer to gently blow-dry the components and speed up the process. However, in doing so, O-rings may become brittle from the drying heat. Once all the liquid is removed, reassemble your tank and place it back atop your vape.

Cleaning should be performed on a regular basis. Ideally, clean your vape tank whenever you switch e-liquid flavors; you don’t want to mix contrasting flavors in your tank. Even if you use the same flavor continuously, a regular, thorough cleaning keeps your tank in like-new condition and ensures your vaping experience is always top notch.

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