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How to Build a Vape Coil - DIRECTVAPOR

We here at DIRECTVAPOR are asked many questions in our day to day activities.

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from clients in person, online, or over the phone is how to build a coil or coil for a vape. Coil-building is very hands-on, and requires a few safety precautions, a basic understanding of Ohm’s Law, a few easy to use commonly available tools, and the right vape mod that can do what you want it to do safely.

Building your coils is a great way to save money on buying pre-made coils, as well as have fun tinkering with your hobby. Once you have these few things, and the knowledge needed, you will be on your way to making your first coil and vaping like a pro!

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Safety First!

Building your vape coils involves electricity, science, and safety.

The batteries in the devices we use can be explosive under the wrong conditions, and can even cause bodily injury or harm. That being said, a few basic safety precautions can be the difference between safe vaping, and injury. With this simple tutorial, you will have the knowledge you need to be safe and enjoy the vape!

If you have any questions before just guessing, please call or email us here at DIRECTVAPOR and we will be happy to help keep you safe!


Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law is the basic principle of resistance that tells you what is safe for your particular vape and coil. The easiest way to describe this with visual aids is to provide a video.

Please, Please, PLEASE! if you are considering coil building and advanced vaping, take the few minutes to watch this video! Safety and knowledge of what you are doing is very important!

Ohms Law video:

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Tools Needed

A few basic tools and supplies is all you need to build or make a coil, we have compiled a list for you. There can be a lot of variation in tools used, this is what works for us, but if you get started you may find other items that help the process and that is fine. List of tools:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Micro screwdriver or kit
  • Wire (varying types, make sure its compatible with device)
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Coil building kit (not required but makes the process easier, some come with all the tools you need)
  • Ohm reader/meter(very important to test before you fire for safety!)
  • Scissors(mini or regular)
  • Wire cutters

Build Mat for a Clean Work Space - DIRECTVAPOR


Build Mat for a Clean Work Space

Are you ready to get to work? Again, the best way to describe the actual process is with a visual aid, and the best way to do that is with a video! Please check out this coil building video here:

The most commonly used coil these days is probably the Micro coil, but the definition of micro can vary. With the wide variety of coil types these days and new ones being invented often, it can be hard to keep track. Not only can you build your own as we have discussed here but you can also purchase pre-made bare wire coils from a variety of sources to take the work out of rebuilding, but whats the fun in that?

Check out some of our new arrivals here:

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Mod/Device Selection

The last item to consider when building your coils is the device or vape mod selection. There are as many devices out there as there are shades of color, but the most important thing to consider is the capabilities of the device.

Mechanical mods are just a battery and a contact and a button, with no flexibility of wattage. These vape mods are great for clouds, and RDAs, but you are limited to the power of the battery, and its voltage.

Variable voltage/regulated mods are very flexible devices these days. They allow for different types of wire, temperature sensing, you can change wattage, they usually have built-in safety features, and they will always fire the atomizer at a constant voltage/wattage regardless of battery life/voltage. This is the best feature of a regulated device vs a non regulated one in that it will fire consistently throughout the batteries charge and thus provides a nice consistent vape until the batteries are drained. A non regulated mod will drop off wattage as the battery voltage decreases which will create a weaker than normal vape as the battery runs out. Also the regulated mods usually have a battery cutoff feature that will not allow you to drain the batteries to unsafe levels. Remember, Safety First!

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