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How to Make Vape Coils

Updated January 18, 2022

how to make vape coils

Learning how to make vape coils can seem like a savvy way to take charge of your vaping experience, particularly for the seasoned vaper. And if you’re here, you’re probably hoping to figure out how to build vape coils that will deliver your perfect vape session.

So, we have to come clean because that’s not what we’re going to cover here. But hear us out – even though DIY vape coils might seem like a great idea, they can actually put you on the fast track to major disappointment… or, worse, a serious vape disaster. 

Building your own coils is possible, especially with all the DIY coil tutorials you’ll find out there. However, both the building process and the final result come with more than their fair share of risks. So, if you’re wondering if it’s worthwhile to build your vape coils, our answer is a definitive and cautionary no. 

Let’s take a closer look at the debate surrounding premade coils vs. DIY coils, as well as the dangers of building vape coils, to break down exactly why this is a job better left to the professionals.

How to Make Vape Coils

Just in case you skipped ahead, we’re going to go ahead and say it again: this isn’t going to be a tutorial for building your vape coils at home. As an industry leader and trusted source for vape education, we just didn’t feel right about encouraging anyone to take on the risk of DIY coils.

Instead, we’re going to focus on why you should stay away from homemade coils if you want to keep your vape experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We’ll talk about DIY coil dangers and how to find premium-quality coils crafted by brands you know and trust. So, stick with us because this will be the valuable resource you didn’t even know you needed.

Safety First!

Building your vape coils involves electricity, science, and safety. The batteries in the devices we use can be explosive under the wrong conditions, and can even cause bodily injury or harm. That being said, a few basic safety precautions can be the difference between safe vaping, and injury. With this simple tutorial, you will have the knowledge you need to be safe and enjoy the vape!

How to Build a Vape Coil - DIRECTVAPOR

Advantages of Building Your Own Vape Coils

Here at DIRECTVAPOR, we’re all about transparency and education – so, it’s important to us that we say that there can be a few perks to DIY coils. Keep in mind that, unless you’re an extremely experienced vaper with a clear understanding of coil building techniques, these benefits rarely outweigh the risks.

For the longtime veteran of vaping with coil building expertise, some of the reasons for DIYing vape coils might include:

  • The option to customize coils as you see fit
  • The enjoyment of coil building as a hobby
  • The convenience of building coils whenever replacements are needed (as long as supplies are kept on hand)

Ultimately, our focus is on helping you create a vape experience that’s as enjoyable, low-risk, and fuss-free as possible. And for that reason, we want to provide an honest perspective on DIY coil building – which means explaining its potential pros and its definite drawbacks and why they matter. 

Disadvantages of DIY Vape Coils

So, why shouldn’t you try to build vape coils? Well, like anything in the world of vaping, it comes down to personal choice. But here are some of the shortcomings of homemade coils:

Build Mat for a Clean Work Space - DIRECTVAPOR

You’ll Need a Variety of Supplies to Build a Vape Coil

Before you can build a vape coil, you’re going to have to stock up on supplies. First, you’ll have to decide if you want to invest in a full-scale building kit or if you’d rather search for coil supplies for sale a la carte. Either way, the basics you’ll need will include:

  • Vaping wire
  • Ceramic tweezers
  • Fine tip tweezers
  • Flush cutters
  • Small metal rods, like a coiling tool or slim screwdriver
  • Organic cotton or the wicking material of your choice
  • Quality scissors
  • A coil jig
  • An ohm reader

The Cost of Building Vape Coils Can Be More Than You Expect

Some vapers get into coil building with the hope of saving a few bucks, but the tools and accessories you’ll need to get started can quickly add up. Based on the list above, you can end up spending anywhere from $40-100 on supplies or $30-60 for a pre-assembled vape coil supply kit.

And keep in mind that you’ll need to buy new wire every time you want to make coils, which can be upwards of $10-15 per purchase. When you can get a multipack of quality, brand-name vape coils for around $10-12, DIY coils no longer look like such a bargain.

Consider Mod/Device Selection & Safety

The last item to consider when building your coils is the device or vape mod selection. There are as many devices out there as there are shades of color, but the most important thing to consider is the capabilities of the device.

Mechanical mods are just a battery and a contact and a button, with no flexibility of wattage. These vape mods are great for clouds, and RDAs, but you are limited to the power of the battery, and its voltage.

Variable voltage/regulated mods are very flexible devices these days. They allow for different types of wire, temperature sensing, you can change wattage, they usually have built-in safety features, and they will always fire the atomizer at a constant voltage/wattage regardless of battery life/voltage. This is the best feature of a regulated device vs a non-regulated one in that it will fire consistently throughout the battery’s charge and thus provides a nice consistent vape until the batteries are drained.

A nonregulated mod will drop off wattage as the battery voltage decreases which will create a weaker than normal vape as the battery runs out. Also, the regulated mods usually have a battery cutoff feature that will not allow you to drain the batteries to unsafe levels. Remember, Safety First!

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We totally get it – building your coils can sound like a great idea, especially if you’re aiming to customize your experience or save some cash. But in the long run, it’s just not worth the risk. The best-case scenario is that you’ll invest your time and money only to end up with a mediocre vape experience. However, the worst-case scenario involves a potentially-dangerous vape build that can put you in harm’s way.

Instead, save yourself the headache and enjoy the premium vape coils crafted by the best brands in the business. DIRECTVAPOR offers an extensive selection of coils for sale online, including respected brands like SMOK, Innokin, Vaporesso, and many others.

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