When Should You Replace Your Vape Tank?

A tank is a constant companion to many vapers. For some, they may only use their tank a few times per day while others rely on a quality tank to power through long hours of constant use. How often you need to replace your equipment depends greatly on the care and treatment it receives while in use. By keeping your vape gear clean, the longevity of your device is extended. Here’s what you need to know about when to replace your vape tank.

How often should you change your vape coils?

How often should you change your vape coils?

A coil per week has become somewhat of an industry standard these past few years. For those that vape unflavored or lighter juices, multiple weeks on one coil is not unusual. If you vape a lot of juice or are frequently in areas where dust and debris can make their way into your vape tank, changing once every few days may be necessary. It’s ultimately up to you, however. When you notice the flavor of your juice begin to change for the worse, it may be time to inspect your coil.

How Often Should You Clean Your Tank?

How often should you clean your vape tank?

A tank should be cleaned every time a vape coil is changed. When you break down your tank to swap vape coils, simply follow your favorite cleaning routine and give a quick once-over. By cleaning your tank regularly, you help prevent contaminants from entering your coil that may lead to flavor change and diminished lifespan. It’s also important to wash your hands before handling a clean coil as oils from the skin can affect the wicking ability of cotton to a degree.

How do you know when to replace your tank

How do you know when to replace vape tanks?

Obviously, if your tank is broken, you’ll need to get a new one. Leaks are wasteful and cause you to refill more than necessary and super-glues, and tape can leave dangerous residues that get into your juice whether you like it or not. If you love vaping and have broken gear, it’s time to splurge and put your health first.

If your vape tank isn’t broken, why fix it, right? They can become outdated quickly with manufacturers and consumers alike moving on to the next best thing. You may not be able to find coils for your old device before too long, or a newer tank model may offer coils at a lower price than you’re currently paying. Finding an upgrade may be financially wise in the long run as many modern coils are designed to provide much longer lifespans than previous models. Newer tanks also do a much better job of providing flavor and, while your old tank may work just fine, you might prefer the more refined experience a newer model offers.

Finding a new tank is an exciting process. Advancements in vaping technology have allowed tanks to become a flavorful experience rivaling even the best RDAs. Whether you’re looking for something new or maybe just a few extra coils for your Old Reliable, be sure to look at the selection at Direct Vapor for the best deals on tanks and coils!

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