How Often Should You Replace Your Vape Wick?


Deciding when to change your coils and wicks is really a matter of personal preference and how often you vape. However, there are some factors that clearly indicate it’s time for a change. These include the type of wick material you are using, the temperature you vape at, and the flavor of your vape. Plus, concentrate vaporizers have their own needs.

Vape Wick Materials

The cotton wick is still the most popular option for vapers new and old. Cotton wicks are readily available and inexpensive. Rayon is a slightly newer option making its way into vaping circles. Rayon is a man-made fiber that is generally considered semi-synthetic because it is made using organic materials.

For most people, cotton wicks need to be changed more often than rayon because you will get dry hits from cotton before you do with rayon. Rayon does not collect as much gunk or residue from the liquid as cotton. You should be doing everything in your power to avoid dry hits as this will burn up your wicks faster than necessary.

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Lifespan of Vape Coils

In general, your atomizer coil should be changed every few days. The longer and hotter you vape with your coils, the faster its performance will decline. Some people extend the life of their coils up to a week by gently cleaning them of any buildup after a couple of days.

The type of e-liquid you are vaping will also impact your coil life. Some e-liquids produce more residue than others, and some are more acidic by nature. You should be inspecting your coils on a somewhat regular basis for signs of charring and buildup. You will likely begin to get a burnt taste long before your coils turn completely black or charred.

When the Wick Replacement is Near

The first signs you will generally notice that your coil and wick are burning out is a lack of vapor production. If your vapor seems thinner, and you start missing elements of the flavor, it usually means that your coil and wick are no longer doing their job. Over time this will devolve into even less vapor and a nasty burnt flavor underlying your e-liquid.

If you have been using your vape pen for a while, you should be able to tell when performance starts to decrease noticeably. At the first sign of decreased vapor production check your wick and coils to make sure they are okay. Ignoring the problem will only make things worse.

With an RDA you will likely be taking your device at least partially apart on a regular basis. Whenever you do so, make sure to check out your wicks for any signs of burnt ends or discoloration.

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Changing Flavors

There is much debate over whether or not you need to change coils and wicks every time you change e-liquid flavors. Since the wick absorbs the liquid and carries it to the coils, it is impossible to completely rid your wick of the previous flavor when you switch to the new one. Unless you like finding a hint of your last flavor in your new vape, it is recommended that you go ahead and change out parts.

On the other hand, many people choose to use the same wick if they are moving between two e-liquids with very similar flavors, such as two different fruity flavors. The residual flavor probably won’t discolor the new flavor very much.

If it is your first time using a new flavor you should always change vape wicks to get a true understanding of what the new flavor tastes like without interference.

Concentrate Vaporizers

The time between changing coils and wicks in your concentrate vaporizer will depend on the style of device you have. Some devices require you to place your concentrate or wax directly on the coil and then melt it down into the cavity.

In these models, you will need to change your coils whenever they start to have too much buildup to function cleanly.


At DIRECTVAPOR, we know that, in the end, the frequency of changing out your coils and wicks will depend on how the vapor tastes and feels to you. Plan on changing them out every few days for best results and buy them with confidence from DIRECTVAPOR and our low price guarantee.

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