Futuristic Mods: The New Breed Mods

Box mods are not going anywhere, anytime soon. These devices are hanging around, and are obviously continuing to please the masses who crave lots of power, lots of vapor, and exceptional vaping. However, as innovation continues to evolve and drive this industry further, we cannot help but stand in awe of how far things have come. With the latest round of incredible mods to be hitting the market, we see a current trend happening where futuristic vape devices are becoming the norm, and they are definitely here to stay. Here is a look at some of these marvelous machines, and what they offer. Simple will always be here to stay, but these futuristic mods, with their gorgeous design schemes and top-notch power beg to be vaped!

Innokin MVP5 120W Box Mod

The latest Innokin MVP5 120W Box Mod is incredible. Packed with lots of power (120 watts, baby!) and plenty of desirable features, this is a mod that has been designed to total perfection, offers amazing power output, and manages great temperature control under all that wattage. It’s beautiful and very lightweight for such a beast of a mod. Great value all the way for a modern mod with LOTS of kick.

Geekvape Aegis X Box Mod

The best way to describe the Geekvape Aegis X Box Mod is brilliant. It is simply a marvel in how it was designed, how it works, all the little details combined that amount to its stellar performance. It is by far, among the top 5% of great mods on the market, easily landing on numerous “best of” lists; it just is that good. 200W of max power can get out of hand, but this mod handles it with expertise, and with the right tank, it really is the kind of performance every vaper should hope to experience one day. Innovative beyond our wildest dreams, it is a mod of the future, available right now in the present!

VooPoo Argus GT160W Box Mod

Such a great mod to have landed into the current lineup, the Voopoo Argus GT160W is a phenomenal mod made for top-notch performance. This is not a ‘try out vaping” kinda mod; it’s for those who know what they like and what they want, and really ideal for the advanced vaper. It’s a mod designed for power and those who know how to handle it. The colors and finishes are nothing short of dope; tungsten alloy and carbon fiber add to the elegance. It is a fine example of excellent accuracy, hits fantastically hard, and offers some of the best battery power available in a mod today. Bonus points – it’s priced really well. This is the mod for you if you want the best innovation and the latest advancements possible.


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