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With the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, many people are touting it as an excellent alternative to tobacco cigarettes. But as with any new product that comes onto the scene, there are a certain number of questions raised about vaping.

One of the top areas of uncertainty for those unfamiliar with vaping – or even for new and experienced vapers – is vape juice, also referred to as e-juice or e-liquid. At DIRECTVAPOR, one of the most common questions we are asked is “What is in vape juice?” and “Are vape juice ingredients dangerous?” Surprisingly, that is a pretty easy question to answer, because vape juice generally only contain 3 to 4 ingredients. But first, understanding exactly how ingredients in vape juice work will help to clarify the topic a bit more.

How Does Vape Juice Work?

How Does Vape Juice Work_DirectVapor

E-juice is a simple liquid poured into an e-cigarette or vape device tank. The device’s atomizer generates heat, causing the e-liquid to transform into smokable vapor. E-juice comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from those that mimic the flavor of a traditional cigarette to sweet or fruit flavors like vanilla, cherry, and chocolate.

What are the Ingredients in Vape Juice?

What are the Ingredients in Vape Juice

E-juice is a very simple combination of 3-4 vape ingredients, far less than your average grocery store potato chip.

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene glycol (PG) serves as the liquid base for e-juice, and is free of odor and taste. The FDA has labeled propylene glycol as “generally considered to be a safe chemical,” and a 1978 study even illustrated that there are little to no harmful effects of inhaling propylene glycol.
  2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Vegetable glycerin is used in many food and cosmetic products, and is simply made from plant oils. It is actually considered one of the safest substances on the planet, and a SIDS initial assessment confirmed that the extremely low toxicity levels categorize it as safe.
  3. Flavoring (Natural or Artificial): As with many food products that you enjoy on a regular basis, the flavoring used in e-liquids must meet FDA standards. Flavoring is only a tiny portion of vape juice, making up only about 2 percent of it.
  4. Nicotine (Optional): Not all e-juices contain nicotine; it is an optional ingredient added for vapers who are looking to substitute the nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes. It can also be slowly tapered in order to help rectify a nicotine addiction.


Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin: What’s the Difference?

Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin- What’s the Difference

Two of the main ingredients for vape juice is propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), with propylene glycol being the more common of the two. These two vape juice ingredients, for the main base of e-juice, carry the flavor and (optional) nicotine.

PG tends to be a thinner consistency than VG, making it easier to be absorbed by the wick and less likely to gunk up the device. Also, because it is tasteless, there is no effect on the flavor of the e-juice. Some vapers prefer it to VG because it can produce a stronger throat hit. In some cases, people will find that they have a mild allergic reaction to PG, in which case they look to VG as an alternative. VG is quite a bit thicker and has a slightly sweet flavor that can affect the flavor of the e-liquid. However, some vapers choose VG because it produces more vapor.

Between the two, it usually comes down to personal preference.

What is the Best Way to Store E-Juice?

What is the Best Way to Store E-Juice

Storing e-juice has one very simple rule: put it somewhere cool and dark. Most of us have the perfect place for it in our home: the fridge. If you’d rather not put it in the fridge, keeping it in a lidded box at room temperature is another good option.

What are the Qualities of a Good E-Juice?

What are the Qualities of a Good E-Juice_DirectVapor

It is important to purchase your e-juice from a reputable company that is open about the ingredients list, so you can be sure there aren’t any mystery fillers or additives. Avoid e-juices that contain diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or acetoin – though these ingredients are less commonly used, they can lead to a condition called popcorn lung.

How Can You DIY Your Flavor Blend?

How Can You DIY Your Flavor Blend_DirectVapor

DIYing your own flavor blend is as simple as experimenting with mixing different flavors and seeing how the final product turns out – a lot like trying a new recipe. Think about flavor profiles that generally pair well, like strawberry and chocolate or peach and mango. There really is no end to how creative you can get, and it can be a lot of fun to discover unique combinations.

Buy Your High-Quality E-Juice Today

Buy Your High-Quality E-Juice Today_DirectVapor

DIRECTVAPOR offers premium quality e-juices, whether you are looking for a pre-made flavor or want to DIY your own blend. Or, check out our starter kits if you are new to vaping. We also have the lowest price guarantee, matching any other retailer’s price. Our 15-day return policy and 60-day manufacturer warranty guarantees that you’ll be happy with your purchase or be 100 percent refunded.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our selection and start shopping today!


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