Eleaf iWu Vape Pod Starter Kit Review

With the recent release of the iWu Vape Pod Starter Kit, Eleaf has once again raised the bar when it comes to affordable, super-convenient vape options. Combining a striking aesthetic design with highly desirable, user-friendly features, this pod-based system keeps Eleaf’s pattern of innovation rolling. All too often, vapers find themselves disappointed in budget-friendly pod kits that leave plenty to be desired in terms of performance and quality, but the iWu manages to cover all the important bases and more. Designed for a simple yet satisfying vape experience optimized for nicotine salts and high-nicotine juice, the ELeaf iWu achieves what many other affordable vapes cannot.

Considering adding the Eleaf iWu to your vape collection? The DIRECTVAPOR team did all the legwork and tested out this new industry arrival, putting together a comprehensive iWu Vape Pod Starter Kit review that covers aesthetics, user experience, and performance quality. Here’s what we learned from our experience with the Eleaf iWu Vape Pod Starter Kit, so you can have an inside look before you make the leap.
Eleaf iWu Vape Pod Aesthetic Design

Eleaf iWu Vape Pod: Aesthetic Design

Funky, stylish, and totally unique, the Eleaf iWu Vape Pod has a stand-out aesthetic design that’s sure to turn heads. While many vape devices stick with an ultra-simplistic look, the iWu manages to makes things a bit more exciting without crossing into tacky territory – great for the vaper who wants to make a style statement that’s not too over the top. Interchangeable metallic sleeves serve both form and function, adding nice shine and color while also protecting the mouthpiece and holding the pod in place. You can choose from color combinations that include a sleek silver or gold look, as well as vibrant options like rainbow, gold/green, and deep blue.

In terms of size, the iWu is slightly larger than some other pod-based systems, which has everything to do with the extra-powerful 700mAh battery it houses. Even so, it’s compact enough to take on the go, with curved edges that make it very ergonomic. You might notice that the pods are tinted, presumably to maintain the overall look of this fun yet elegant device. The tinting adds a final style touch but is light enough that you can still do a quick visual check on your liquid levels as needed.

Eleaf iWu Vape Pod User Experience

Eleaf iWu Vape Pod: User Experience

Considering the Eleaf iWu is considered among the best value vape deals out there, you might be surprised to find that it provides a seriously satisfying, high-quality experience. Clicking together the few components of this all-in-one device is quick and easy, with each piece fitting together securely. Ease of use is a continuing theme once you power up the ELeaf iWu, which is fully draw-activated for an authentic analog experience that former cigarette smokers will especially appreciate. An LED battery indicator keeps you informed on battery life, so you won’t run into the dreaded surprise of a dead device when you need it most. Refilling your vape juice is simple and mess-free, which is always a big plus for any style of vape device.

Enjoy the ultimate in “plug and play” convenience with zero need to tinker with wattage adjustments or other settings, with the added benefit of smart safety protections (over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, and overdraw protection, plus a 10-second cutoff) to keep everything in a good place.

Eleaf iWu Vape Pod Performance Review

Eleaf iWu Vape Pod: Performance

The Eleaf iWu is not one of the expensive mods packed to the brim with gimmicky features, which is a big part of keeping the cost down and the operation easy. That being said, it doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance. The pods supply you with a decent amount of vapor that has impressive flavor, with a coil lifespan that’s not too shabby either. Thanks to the built-in 700mAh battery, you’ll have plenty of power for all-day vaping. Wicking goes off without a hitch, and we were pleased to find that we didn’t experience any dry hits from the Eleaf iWu.

Is the Eleaf iWu Vape Pod Worth a Try?

Considering the great price, impressive quality, and satisfying performance, we’d say the Eleaf iWu Vape Pod kit is definitely worth the (small) investment. It’s a well-made pod system that performs well across the board, all for an excellent price.

Purchase the Eleaf iWu Vape Pod from DIRECTVAPOR Today

There’s no doubt that Eleaf’s latest debut combines the best of style, innovation, and quality performance, earning it a well-deserved spot as one of the most desirable pod systems currently on the market. DIRECTVAPOR is offering the Eleaf iWU Vape Pod Starter Kit to our customers at an excellent price, making it easy to score a great vape experience on a budget. You’ll have everything you need to start vaping right away, with the exception of your favorite vape juice – luckily, DIRECTVAPOR offers a near-limitless number of flavor options (including nicotine salts) to choose from.

Stick with DIRECTVAPOR for all your vaping news, vape reviews, and the best vape deals in the industry, and you’ll be on your way to vaping nirvana in no time.


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