E-Juice Flavors to Keep You Cool This Summer

e-juice flavors to keep you cool

Summer is officially upon us, and throughout the country, and the Northern Hemisphere, temperatures are soaring! While most of us revel in the warmer temps, blazing sunshine, and the sights of blossoming flora surrounding us, the heat we have to contend with seems to bring about a common theme of needing refreshment. For us vapers, luckily we have one added method that enables us to cool off: vaping.

Sure, vapor may not offer the same level of thirst quench that drinking water does, and it may not supply any electrolytes to replace what gets lost through sweat, but it does offer plenty of flavor, which can, at least metaphorically, allow us to cool down. Here are our favorite summertime flavors that can offer a delicious level of chill to balance out the summer heat. We’re sure, if you haven’t had these in your tanks yet, you’re definitely going to want to!

Watermelon Wave by VaporFi

Because what could be more refreshing than a watermelon during a summer heat wave? This flavor is loaded with juicy goodness, has a nicotine salt base, and has a nice ending of sweetness in there for added oomph. Very cool way to cool off.

Mint Honeydew Berry Kiwi by Pachamama

Summer fruit like honeydew, berries, and kiwi combined with a tingly essence of mint result in such a cool flavor. This one is more on the mild side, which is perfect if you don’t want your flavor to be too intense. It’s a great one to put a chill on things with, by cooling off on the inside.

Melon Lush Ice Nic Salt by Air Factory

This flavor kinda says it all with its name; there’s a whole lotta chill in this blend! Top notch quality and the perfect flavors to chill the senses on a summer evening… melon plus mint will put you into a vapor-cold-freeze in an instant! Amazing effect this one has as you vape it!

Kacti Cooler by Salty Man NTN

The ultimate in summer chill, the combination of pineapple and orange is rather exotic and deliciously vibrant! Way different than anything else, we can’t even think of a juice this compares to. It’s loaded with layers of flavor, and each one is cooler than the next. If you think sodas are refreshing, add some pineapple and orange to the mix! Brrrrr!


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