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Disposable Vapes are the Latest Trend

Do you enjoy following the latest vape trends? In that case, you might have noticed that disposable vapes have become incredibly popular – and if you have your own disposable vape, you probably already know why. 

Delivering a quality experience in a convenient, affordable package, new disposable vapes are offering a major upgrade from their predecessors. When it came to a well-made vape, disposable used to be something that was entirely off the table – but not anymore. They’ve made vapes disposable and top-quality so that you can score a seriously impressive device for around $20.

For anyone new to the world of disposable vaporizers, we have everything you want to know about this hugely popular vape product, including:

  • What is a disposable vape?
  • How do disposable vapes work?
  • How long do disposable vapes last?
  • What are the benefits of disposable vapes?
  • Types of disposable vaporizers
  • Where to buy disposable vape devices

Here’s what you should know: disposable vapes are anything but a throwaway trend, so if you’re wondering if you should try one for yourself, the answer is probably yes. 

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What is a Disposable Vaporizer?

A disposable vape is exactly what it sounds like: a vape device designed to be disposable. It comes pre-charged and pre-filled with e-liquid, and you can use it until it’s empty. It truly is a zero-effort vape, requiring you only to power on the device and enjoy.

You throw it away and get a new one when you’re done with it. Simple as that! It’s easy, surprisingly budget-friendly, and a great option for beginners and seasoned vapers alike.

How Does a Disposable Vape Work?

When you consider that disposable vape devices are intended for convenience and ease of use, it makes sense that their design and engineering are pretty simple and straightforward. 

Just like a standard vape, disposable vaporizers are powered by a battery. The battery is the power source for a heating chamber, which heats the e-liquid (or a wax/dry herb, if you’re vaping hemp) until it vaporizes. Then, the mouthpiece is where you’ll receive the fluffy vapor until the e-liquid runs out. 

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last?

So, what’s the average puff count of a disposable vape? Well, that varies pretty widely, depending on the device. A few ultra-basic options max out around a few hundred hits, while other, higher-end (but still affordable) devices go up to 3,000 or 4,000 puffs. 

Usually, you can expect smaller devices (with less room to hold e-juice) to have a shorter lifespan. 

Advantages of Disposable Vapes

Exactly why have disposable vaporizers become so popular? They promise more than a few perks, offering a solid vape experience at a low price. Here are some of the benefits of disposable vape devices you can look forward to:

  • Easy to use: With a disposable vape, there’s no refilling vape juice, swapping out replacement coils, or constantly recharging your device – you truly just turn it on and start vaping right out of the package, making it incredibly convenient for any time, anywhere use and ensures a hassle-free experience. So, even beginner vapers can feel completely at ease.
  • Budget-friendly: Whereas high-end box mods can cost hundreds of dollars, a disposable device will only run you $10-25 or so. So, if you’re sticking to a tight budget (or just appreciate a good deal), disposables are a great choice. 
  • Variety: Many vapers like switching up e-juice flavors regularly, but buying all of those bottles can get expensive. Instead, you can just try a new flavor every time you purchase a new disposable. It’s cheaper, plus you don’t end up with a big bottle of e-liquid you didn’t like – in other words, it’s risk-free. 
  • Easy to travel with: Thanks to their simple design, disposable vaporizers are usually pretty small, slim, and lightweight. So, you can easily slip them into your pocket or purse and take them on the go. And since you don’t have to carry around bottles of e-juice for refills, there’s no need to pack an entire vape “kit” when you head out.

Types of Disposable Vapes

There are three main categories of disposable vaporizers:

  • E-liquid disposable vapes
  • Dry herb disposable vapes
  • Wax/concentrate disposable vapes

E-liquid disposables are filled with your standard e-juice, with your choice of nicotine level and flavor. 

Dry herb disposables are designed to pair with dry herbs, such as hemp. They are specifically engineered to properly heat and vaporize dry herb, which is something a standard vape cannot usually do.

Wax/concentrate disposables are commonly used with hemp concentrates, but they can also be used for other types of concentrates (such as CBD). 

Each of these disposable vape devices is made specifically for its respective medium. 

Within these categories, you’ll also find rechargeable and non-rechargeable, though most disposables are the latter. 

How and Where to Buy the Best Disposable Vapes

Aside from the basic types of disposables, you have a few other decisions to make before buying yours – and the first is, where do you buy disposable vapes

Finding authentic disposable vapes for sale online can be tricky because you don’t want to end up with a knockoff product. It would be a waste of money, but it could even be dangerous. So, it would be best if you always stuck with a trusted retailer, like DIRECTVAPOR. We save you time and hassle by sourcing all the best, industry-leading vapes and assembling them in one easy-to-shop collection – no need to research for hours on end. 

Now, you know where to buy a disposable vape – but exactly what should you look for? That mostly comes down to personal preference. When you’re browsing different options, the key differentiators are:

  • Brand
  • Price point
  • E-juice flavor and nicotine level
  • Puff count

There is also some variance in nicotine levels and the like, but the above are the main parameters you’ll use while shopping.

Disposable vape brands

Several brands are acing the disposable game right now, and you’ll likely learn their names very soon (if you haven’t already). 

Some of our favorites are:

Each brand has its signature features, so shop around to see which one appeals to you most.

Price point

You can find a great disposable for as little as $10 or spend a little more for a higher-end option (around $20 or so). 

We always recommend checking out disposable vape bundles, which get you the best bang for your buck. You can consider a vape bundle that features several disposables from a single brand, like this bundle from Pachamama, or one that mixes and matches to let you sample a little bit of everything, like this Mango Bundle. Bundles are usually in the $30-range and can be a smart way to save several dollars versus buying the disposables individually.

E-juice flavor/nicotine level

Pick a flavor, any flavor – because you aren’t short on options for disposables! Dessert, classic, fruity- it’s up to you! You can also pick a disposable with your ideal nicotine level, including options with nicotine salts.

Puff count

The puff count is the longevity of a device and can range from around 400 to 4000-plus. You might like something with a shorter lifespan so that you can switch it up more often, or you might want one that lasts quite a while. Again, it’s your choice.

Find the Best Disposable Vapes Online Now

Are you ready to dive into disposable vape life? It’s a great way to enjoy vaping, whether you only use disposables or add them into your regular rotation.

Check out our full selection of disposable vaporizers to find your perfect match!

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