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Different Types of Vapes Explained

Whether you’re searching for your first or fifteenth vape, understanding the different types of vape devices is essential. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life – and that’s especially true when you realize that your vape options are virtually limitless. 

This comprehensive guide to the different vape types will explain the various forms that a vaporizer can take. There is something for every vaper, from the basic e-cig to the ultimate, feature-packed vape mod.

Different Types of Vapes

First and foremost, vapes are organized into two main categories:

  • Nicotine vapes
  • CBD vapes

Although other substances (such as herbs and vitamins) can be vaped, the devices used still fall into the above categories.

Nicotine vapes

A nicotine vape is a handheld device engineered to replicate the traditional smoking experience, minus combustion. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, these vapes come in all shapes and sizes and are generally paired with flavored nicotine e-liquids. Keep in mind that alternative nicotine and zero-nicotine e-liquids can be paired with a so-called “nicotine vape.”’

CBD vapes

A CBD vape is just that: a vape designed to be utilized with CBD. This category includes dry herb vaporizers and vapes used with concentrates (which have an oil-like consistency). These vapes can be portable and battery-powered or be a larger, plug-in type of device.

Can a Vape Be Labeled as Both?

There is considerable overlap between nicotine and CBD vapes, with one of the most prevalent examples being a vape pen. Many different types of vape pens are compatible with e-liquids or concentrate, and some also offer the option of use with dry herbs.

In this guide, we’re mainly going to focus on nicotine vapes. However, we will briefly discuss CBD and dry herb vapes.

Types of Vape Devices: Nicotine Vapes

Many different devices are available within the two more significant categories of vapes. Of the two, nicotine vapes are probably the more varied category.

Technically, all nicotine vapes could be described as “e-cigarettes,” but most people wouldn’t use e-cigs as a term to apply to all vapes. Instead, there are many sizes and styles of vapes, each with a different name and defining characteristics.

E-cigarettes and vape pens

The e-cig is the original vape, the first vape device, and the smallest, most simple option available. Learning how to use an e-cig is as simple as opening up the pack, powering it on, and enjoying the experience. 

E-cigarettes are generally disposable, intended to be tossed after using the pre-filled e-liquid. In contrast, vape pens are designed to be reused again, either refilled with e-juice or relying on replaceable cartridges. They are often recommended for use with high-nicotine e-liquids, especially for former smokers seeing an exceptionally satisfying experience and pleasant draw. 

Perfect for travel and on-the-go use, e-cigs and vape pens are easily the most convenient vape type available. Even if you like to have a solid lineup of features to choose from and prefer a more advanced vape device, it’s a good idea to keep a basic model also on hand just in case. 


  • Small, lightweight, and convenient 
  • Ideal for “stealth vaping” and very discreet
  • Affordable price point
  • User-friendly
  • It provides a good experience for beginners


  • Performance is just average
  • The flavor is satisfactory but not amazing
  • There’s no option to refill
  • Single-use products can contribute to global waste

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Pod vapes

Pod vape devices are among the newest arrivals on the market, and they’ve quickly become a favorite among vapers. This two-piece device is similar to an e-cigarette; there is a battery compartment paired with a unit of e-juice. But as the name suggests, pod vapes use a pod-style reservoir for e-liquid, which is either pre-filled or can be refilled when needed.

Typically, pod vapes are very affordable and easy to use. Even so, their performance level is higher quality than a basic e-cig. If you enjoy using nicotine salt e-liquids, pod vapes are probably an excellent match.

Some pod vapes have a traditional pen shape, while others resemble a box mod more closely. Even some brands have entirely reinvented the usual vape shape, introducing pod vapes shaped like a teardrop.


  • Easy for even beginners to use
  • Practical
  • Offer options for refillable or disposable pods
  • Can be either button- or draw-activated
  • Discreet and portable


  • Fairly low vapor production
  • Batteries must be frequently charged
  • Performance may vary between brands and devices

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Box mods

Box mods are the most powerful and biggest vape device option, usually delivering impressive performance and extended battery life. Most types of vape mods in the “box” category are equipped with impressive features, including tons of options to customize and suit your tastes. For example, high-end box mods let you adjust aspects such as temperature, wattage, and airflow.

Vape tanks are a part of the box mod set-up, as are external batteries (in most cases). Purchase a box mod starter kit, and you will most likely get a configuration that includes a single-battery mod paired with a sub-ohm tank, with temperature control and variable wattage as standard features.


  • Exceptional performance
  • Tons of options to choose from
  • Internal or external vape batteries with outstanding longevity 
  • You can pick and choose from various vape tanks


  • Usually require some essential vape experience
  • It may be too complicated for novice vapers
  • They are larger and heavier than other vape types
  • Involve a more significant financial investment

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CBD Vapes

If you’re interested in vaping dry herb or concentrate CBD, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a compatible device. Not all nicotine vapes are compatible with CBD; most are designed specifically for e-liquids. If you try to use CBD with a vape pen that’s not compatible, your experience will be pretty terrible.

Instead, you need a CBD vape device. You can choose between a desktop vaporizer (large) or a smaller, more easily portable option. 

Then, you’ll want to consider just what you want to vape and what you want your experience to look like before selecting from the following options:

  • A CBD vape pen or CBD box mod (can be filled with CBD vape juice)
  • CBD oil pens (can be paired with oils and distillates)
  • A dry herb vaporizer (explicitly designed for use with dry herbs)

Like a standard vape, alternative vape devices are best chosen with your personal preferences. 

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Photo Credit: Mano Kors

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