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Seen anything new on the DirectVapor site lately? We’ll give you a hint: It starts with “C”, ends in “D”, and has recently swept the world into an enthusiastic frenzy! That’s right! It’s CBD!Not ones to be left behind at the station, we at DirectVapor have hopped aboard the CBD train shouting: “Full Steam Ahead!”. We thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to some of the new types of products you can expect to find on the site as well as give you a little bit of background on the brands we’re carrying and why we chose them!
First, a little bit about the types of products we’ve started carrying – CBD is an extremely adaptable substance and lends itself to being incorporated into a wide variety of different forms. This is great news for people interested in enjoying CBD as it means that there is a form available that you’re going to love!Learn about the types of vape juice from ERTH Hemp brand, which are available at DirectVapor.com.Watch the inspiration behind Dinner Lady’s latest cbd vape juice flavor, Sunset Mojito.CBD Vape Juice, prefilled CBD Vape Pens and CBD Cartridges, CBD Additives, and even some CBD Tinctures are great options for those already familiar with vaping, as well as those who have always been interested!

CBD Concentrates and CBD Capsules are excellent choices for those of us who prefer a fast, easy, and hassle-free way to experience CBD! CBD Edibles are absolutely perfect for the “foodie” crowd who insist on delicious flavors.

The high-quality creams, lotions, and massage oils found in our CBD Topicals section offer a means to enjoy CBD for folks who prefer not to actually ingest it through eating, drinking, or vaping. Finally, CBD Oils and CBD Tinctures offer the ultimate in versatility and can easily be adapted to fit into your daily routine! We’ve even got CBD for Pets!Possibly more important than the types of products is the incredible brands behind them! After tons of research and careful vetting, we at DirectVapor are confident that we’ve sourced our selection of CBD products from only the most responsible, ethical, and conscientious manufacturers and suppliers!Brands like Lazarus Naturals, The Stanley Brothers, Green Roads, and Koi are CBD industry pioneers, and in many cases have set the standards by which all others are judged! Dinner Lady Oils, ANML Alchemy, and Naked 100 CBD have all proven themselves as having a deep commitment to quality and delicious flavors within the competitive vapor scene.

JustCBD, ERTH Hemp, Fresh Leaf, and Goldline CBD offer an unprecedented variety of top-quality CBD products from CBD-infused honey to CBD pet treats. You can rest assured that any of the CBD products you find on DirectVapor.com have been carefully curated from only the very best CBD manufacturers in existence!Learn about where the Lazarus Naturals hemp product is grown in Central Oregon, USA.Learn about how Green Roads makes their product in a facility to pharmaceutical standards.We’ll admit it. It was a lot of work. But we think it was all worth it to assemble a truly incredible selection of CBD products for our amazing DirectVapor customers! We only ask one thing: Don’t let all our hard work go to waste! Get over to DirectVapor.com right away and take a look at what we’ve built! Peruse the selection, read some reviews – we’ve even got some educational resources if you want a deeper understanding of this remarkable substance! DirectVapor plus CBD? This is going to be big!


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