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How Long do Atomizers Last_

How Long do Vape Atomizers Last?

At DIRECTVAPOR, our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services, empowering our customers to truly enjoy their best vaping experience. A single product can be the difference between a terrible vaping session and an excellent one, so choosing wisely is important. So,

What is an Atomizer-DirectVapor

What is an Atomizer?

Updated February 8, 2022 If you’re anything like most vapers, buying a new atomizer means doing a little – or a lot – of research. You might be on the hunt for the best vape atomizers of the year, weighing options that are compatible with

How to Make Vape Coils

Updated January 18, 2022 Learning how to make vape coils can seem like a savvy way to take charge of your vaping experience, particularly for the seasoned vaper. And if you’re here, you’re probably hoping to figure out how to build vape coils that will

Cleaning Your Atomizer- 5 Tips and Tricks - DIRECTVAPOR

How To Clean Atomizers

Knowing how to clean atomizers and maintaining your vaping device is an important step in ensuring that you have the best vaping experience every single time, maximizing the delicious flavor and vapor production. Device maintenance not only produces a better experience, but can save you

How Long Do Vape Coils Last? - DIRECTVAPOR

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

Updated November 29, 2021 Vape coils may be pretty small, but they play a big part in the quality of your vape experience. From vapor flavor to the lifespan of your device, coils impact a variety of factors. More than a few new vapers have

What Stores Sell 18650 Batteries - DIRECTVAPOR

Where to Buy 18650 Vape Battery Replacements

  Every vaper needs a new set of 18650 batteries every few months in order to maintain maximum effectiveness and battery safety. Batteries will reduce in effectiveness a little bit more with each discharge and recharge cycle, so it’s definitely a good idea to keep

how often should you change your vape wick

How Often Should You Replace Your Vape Wick?

  Deciding when to change your coils and wicks is really a matter of personal preference and how often you vape. However, there are some factors that clearly indicate it’s time for a change. These include the type of wick material you are using, the temperature

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