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Catch the RipTide with DirectVapor!

Direct Vapor is proud to announce the latest in exciting vaping technology – presenting: RipTide! Developed using groundbreaking research, RipTide’s products are based around their proprietary tobacco-free nicotine technology, NicTech.

NicTech boasts a smooth feel and incredible satisfaction without affecting any of the great taste that comes with their richly flavored e-liquids. Here at DirectVapor you can get ahead of the curve with the latest nicotine technology through RipTide, and take advantage of their unique e-liquid combinations with their powerful new hardware, the RipStick and RipStick Pods. Innovation never takes a day off, and neither does the RipStick. To complement their advanced NicTech nicotine technology, RipTide has forgone the traditional route and instead developed in-house their one-of-a-kind RipStick device. Based on the direct feedback of legions of passionate vapers, the RipStick is the ultimate evolution of powerful, versatile vaping. Light, portable, and easy to use, the RipStick is the exceptionally-engineered ideal travelling companion perfect for all your life’s adventures. Armed with the RipStick-optimized pre-filled RipStick Pods, you can enjoy the full NicTech experience knowing you’re getting the best in flavor and performance. A great device is only as good as the juice you put in it, and RipTide’s e-liquid range is as dynamic and full-bodied as they come. That means eight amazing flavors that are all formulated with NicTech nicotine technology and designed to please even the pickiest of palates. From bold tobacco blends to delicious fruity treats, you’ll want to take every opportunity to explore RipTide’s exciting e-liquid collection, spanning the breadth of all your favorite flavor categories.RipTide’s wide range of incredible products is easy to get ahold of when you shop at Direct Vapor. With our expertise and help, we’ll be happy to provide you with the latest advances in delicious and satisfying vaping by trying out the RipTide range of products today! It’s time to catch the RipTide, available now here at DirectVapor!

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