Car Culture and Vaping: Why We Love Mods

car culture and vaping

Humans are curious by nature, and once we’ve discovered and adopted a technology, it’s in our DNA to keep searching for ways to make it even better. From the horse-drawn carriage to the modern automobile, and now to the driverless car, we have always loved modding our toys. That same practice has naturally extended to the world of personal vaporizers as well.

Here’s why modding has become a central part of both automotive and vaping culture.


It takes knowledge and understanding to really modify a car or a vaporizer effectively. In order to make your mod work, you need to do more than just pick up a vaporizer out of a box. You need to learn how it functions, inside and out. You need to get to the heart of what makes it tick, and how each component impacts the overall function of the device. This level of passion goes far beyond that of the average user.


In much the same way you would take your souped-up car to a car show and put it on display, many people are proud to show off their modded vaporizers. You have the opportunity to show off what you’ve done with the mod and talk about the pros and cons.

This contributes to a tightly knit community of modders who love talking about mods they’ve tried so they can compare notes and think up even better solutions in the future. The pride is evident in the way you care for your device and all of the elements therein.


Let’s face it. Some of the allure of modding simply has to do with the joy of pushing technology to its limits. Does anybody really need to go 260 miles per hour in a Bugatti Veyron on public roads? No. But is it fun and a little bit terrifying? Absolutely! And sometimes it’s enough just to be able to say you can.

The same is true of a modded vaporizer. Most people don’t need to vape at 300 watts all the time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to have that option available if you just want to cut loose for a minute.

Imagine pulling up at a stop light with your SMOK GX350 in hand while the guy in the next lane over has a cig-a-like. You’d metaphorically rev your engines, blow off a huge vapor cloud and take off at the first shimmer of a green light.

The Challenge

There’s a certain element of challenge that is central to modding culture. Most people start with small mods until they understand how the vape works. Oftentimes, this begins with changing the aesthetics of the vape to give the device more personality.

Over time, this evolves into the creation of more complex mods. Once you catch the modding bug it’s easy to see how your creative juices begin flowing and you start thinking up all kinds of interesting and exciting options that you can try.

The Community

We’ve mentioned it before, but community really is one of the most important parts of car culture and vape culture. It’s all about forming relationships with other people that are passionate about the same things that you are. Surrounding yourself with people who want to spend all day talking about the next great mod. Helping one another solve problems when they come up.

We know that there’s been some talk of an elitist undercurrent in the modding community, but overall most vapers are more than willing to help educate newbies and bring people up to speed. They’re also very diligent about safety and are happy to tell you what not to do based on their own personal experiences.

For decades we’ve known that car modding culture transcends all kinds of boundaries, including gender, nationality and race. Now that vaporizers have spread around the world, the same is true of the vape modding community. You can find people from all walks of life who are passionate about vaping and simply want to build a better vape.

In fact, in some regions where technology or funds are limited, you may even find some highly creative mods that don’t come straight from a store. It’s worth talking to people from all different backgrounds to see what they’ve come up with based on the resources available to them.


Car modding continues to be a huge market, and at DIRECTVAPOR we know that vape modding is growing by the day. As long as there are vaporizers on the market, we expect to see people coming up with inventive new ways to mod them to their liking. For all the tools you need to start modding, visit where every purchase comes with our low price guarantee.

Even if you start small, there is so much to learn and do in the modding world and so many people to meet! The more you get into it the more you will fall in love with vaping and the technology that makes it work.


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